Principal Investigator

Professor of Economic History
Interests: economic development and stagnation in Europe between c. 1200 and c. 1900; institutions (guilds, communities, serfdom, property rights); population, family systems, gender; consumption and material culture; economic history of German-speaking central Europe and the Czech lands.

Associated Investigators

Timothy W. Guinnane
Timothy Guinane Philip Golden Bartlett Professor of Economic History
Department of Economics, Yale University
Interests: economics of population; finance and credit institutions; corporate governance; economic history of Germany and Ireland.
Partha Dasgupta

Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics
Fellow of St John's College
Interests: economics of poverty and nutrition; environmental economics; economic measurement; economics of knowledge.

Research Associates

Markus Küpker

Interests: early modern German economic and social history, with a focus on demographic change, economic development, migration, agricultural development, enclosures, and women's work (particularly in Württemberg and Westfalia). Further interests in history and computing (particularly record-linkage) and quantitative analyses.

Janine Maegraith

Interests: social and economic history (particularly southwest Germany); history of female religious orders and the impact of the secularisation; women in pharmacy; material culture (1600-1900).