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MPhil in Economic Research - Core Modules

Core Modules

  • E100 : Principles of Microeconomics I

    This course will cover the standard economic models of individual decision-making with and without uncertainty, models of consumer behaviour and producer behaviour under perfect competition and the Arrow-Debreu general equilibrium model.

  • R101 : Microeconomics II

    This course aims to familiarise students with the basic tools of (mainly non-co-operative) game theory and to enable them to apply game-theoretic-skills to simple economic problems all by themselves. The course will be concerned with both static and dynamic games.

  • R200 : Principles of Macroeconomics II

    This course covers the methodological foundations of modern macroeconomics. The emphasis is put on a rigorous and mathematical treatment of macroeconomic issues, covering concepts such as optimization, recursivity, and competitive equilibria.

  • R201 : Macroeconomics II

    This course uses the ideas introduced in Prinicples of Macroeconomics II in order to analyse macroeconomic problems. The course provides a modern treatment of canonical macroeconomic models.

  • R300 : Econometrics I

    Details to follow.

  • R301 : Econometrics II

    Details to follow.