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If you wish to be considered for funding you must submit your application by 6 December


Please look at the finance overview for the costs you will incur for this course.

There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge from a wide variety of sources including the Cambridge Trust, Gates Cambridge, Colleges, Departments, Research Councils and central University funds.
Applicants might also find the Cambridge Funding Search helpful.

Faculty Bursaries

Course Requirements

There are a number of scholarships available to European candidates applying for the MPhil in Finance and Economics.

Candidates who hold offers for a place on the Course, and wish to be considered for a scholarship, should apply by sending a personal statement to Joanna Gathercole ( explaining what they hope to learn from the Course, and what they hope to do after the Course.

The Faculty reserves the right to consider students who do not apply.

Candidates are advised that the scholarships will provide funds to cover University and College fees only, so candidates will need to secure other sources of funding for maintenance.

Decisions on the award of these scholarships are usually made during July/August.

Gates Cambridge Trust

Course Requirements

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are designed to support students of outstanding academic merit and leadership potential from every country of the world except the UK. Preference will be given to those judged particularly committed to serving their communities, and students from the USA will be considered first.

Full details and application deadlines can be found in the Graduate Admissions Prospectus or on their website.

Cambridge Trust

Course Requirements

Full details of Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust  awards and application deadlines can be found in the Graduate Admissions Prospectus or on their website.


Course Requirements

Students may be eligible for College Studentships. See Graduate Admissions Prospectus.

Trinity College offers TCA Bursaries in Economics and Finance. TCA Bursaries are funded by donations made by alumni of the College through the Trinity in the City Association.

Also the Schilt Studentship for citizens of the US proposing to study for a graduate degree in Economics.