Faculty of Economics

Preliminary Part 1 Reading List

This reading list is designed to provide information about the scope and content of Part I of the Economics Tripos at Cambridge. It aims to help potential candidates who are thinking of applying to read Economics at Cambridge, and to allow schools to advise such candidates. Directors of Studies may also find it useful to send copies of this reading list to candidates holding conditional or firm offers of admission. The books on the list have been chosen to be widely available (for example, in school or public libraries) and where possible to be relatively inexpensive. Books marked with an asterisk are the main recommended text for the course concerned, and are therefore more advanced than most of the other material on this list. However candidates may find it useful to obtain these books before coming to Cambridge in October.

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Begg, D K H, S Fischer and R Dornbusch, Economics (latest edition), McGraw-Hill
Greenaway, D and G K Shaw, Macroeconomics: Theory and Practice in the UK (latest edition), Blackwell
Heilbroner, R, The Worldly Philosophers (latest edition), Penguin
*Mankiw, N G, Macroeconomics (latest edition), Worth
*Varian, H, Intermediate Microeconomics (latest edition), Norton

Quantitative Methods in Economics

*Lind, D A, W Marchal and R Mason, Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics (latest edition), Irwin, Homewood
*Aczel, A D, Complete Business Statistics (latest edition), Irwin, Homewood
Pratten, C F, Applied Macroeconomics (latest edition), Oxford University Press
Artis, M J and others, The UK Economy : A Manual of Applied Economics (latest edition), Weidenfeld and Nicolson
Thomas, R L, Using Mathematics in Economics, Longman
*Bradley, T and P Patton, Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business (2nd edition), Wiley
*Pemberton, M and N Rau, Mathematics for Economists (2nd edn), Manchester University Press

Political and Sociological Aspects of Economics

Coates, D, Running the Country (2nd edition), Hodder
Dearlove, J and P Saunders, Introduction to British Politics (3rd edition), Polity
Dunleavy, P et al (eds), Developments in British Politics, Book 8
Edwards, P (ed.), Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice (2nd edition), Blackwell
Hutton, W, The State We’re In, Vintage
Michie, J (ed), The Economic Legacy 1979-92, Academic

British Economic History

*Floud, R and P Johnson (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, Cambridge University Press (3 vols)
Hudson, P, The Industrial Revolution, Arnold
Mathias, P, The First Industrial Nation, Routledge
Broadberry, S, The British Economy Between The Wars, Blackwell