Faculty of Economics

Installing The Novell Client (Windows Vista)

  • Novell Client for Windows Vista (click this link to run the exe file)

  • Click 'run' on the windows pop up, and then select 'unzip' when you see the option below.

  • The files will be un-zipped to your machine. Click ok.

  • Navigate to your C drive and you will find a Novell folder.

  • Inside the Novell folder there is a the subdirectory "Novell Client for Windows Vista 1.0 ".
  • Click into this folder and double click on the setup file.

  • Click the 'Next' button to start the installation.

  • Check the tick box to accept the License Agreement and click 'Next' .

  • Select the 'custom' install option.

  • Say 'next' to the all default options, except you need to unselect 'NMAS'

  • and click 'Install ' to complete the installation

  • When you click this the install will start and files will be copied to the correct folders.

  • Once the install is complete you will be asked to reboot your machine.

  • When your machine re-starts, you will need to login to the machine locally first. Select the
    'workstation only' option.

  • Once you've logged in a red letter N will apear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

  • Right click on the N and select 'Novel Client Properties'.
  • Select the 'System Login Profiles' tab.

  • Click on default and select properties.

  • In the eDirectory tab type the IP address:

  • Click 'ok' to take you back to the client configaration box.

  • Click 'ok' and reboot the machine.

  • Log in to your machine 'workstation only' again. This time right click on the red N and select 'Novell Login'. You will need to enter your Faculty username and password. This is the same password as is used for the Econ-centenary Remote Desktop Service.
  • If you are having problems logging in, try adding ".people.econ" to the end of your username.
  • If you still have problems connecting or have any questions about the installation please email it@econ.cam.ac.uk or ring extension 48160