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Faculty of Economics

Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture - Professor Angus Deaton

Professor Angus Deaton will present the third of the CReMic Sir Richard Stone Annual Lectures.

Event Date: Thursday 11th November 2010

Journal of Applied Econometrics Workshop

Journal of Applied Econometrics Workshop, Friday 4 June 2010, Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge

Event Date: Friday 4th June 2010

Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture

Professor David Laibson will present the second of the CReMic Sir Richard Stone Annual Lectures.

Event Date: Thursday 20th May 2010

Food Hawkers: Selling in the Street from Antiquity to the Present

The conference brings these scholars together and will explore the history, economics, anthropology, and representation of the selling of food on streets and at markets.

Event Date: Thursday 22nd April 2010

Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)'s inaugural conference at Kings College

The Economic Crisis and the Crisis in Economics Conference will be held at King's College, from April 8–11, 2010

Event Date: Thursday 8th April 2010

2010 Royal Economics Society Annual Conference

We are delighted to announce that two of the Special Sessions will be chaired by Faculty members, Richard Smith and Tom Crossley

Event Date: Monday 29th March 2010

Jeddah Economic Forum 2010

Professor Hamid Sabourian moderated a Plenary Session at JEF2010

Event Date: Saturday 13th February 2010

David Newbery Presents at the Annual HM Treasury Economists Conference

David Newbery presented his critique of the Economics of Green taxation

Event Date: Wednesday 10th February 2010

CEBEG workshop with Chengwei Liu

Chengwei Liu (PhD candidate, Judge Business School)

Event Date: Friday 5th February 2010

Keynes Lecture 2010

Robert Skidelsky asks "Why, sixty years after his death, John Maynard Keynes is still the most important economic thinker in the world”

Event Date: Tuesday 2nd February 2010

The Marshall Lecture 2009 Videos Added

Videos for both Drew Fudenberg's "Learning and Equilibrium in Games" talks are now available

Event Date: Tuesday 19th January 2010

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