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Faculty of Economics

The Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society will take place in Cambridge April 3-6 2014.

The European Public Choice Society promotes scientific research on the economics and politics of public and non-market decision-making, political economy and the economics of institutions. The annual meeting brings together about 250 researchers with a shared interest in Public Choice.

Event Date: Monday 7th April 2014

A Conference on Cross-sectional Dependence in Panel Data Models

A Conference on Cross-sectional Dependence in Panel Data Models, to be held at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, on May 30th and 31st 2013

Event Date: Thursday 30th May 2013

Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture 2012-2013

Professor Debraj Ray will present the fifth Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture, on "Ethnicity and Conflict"

Event Date: Thursday 16th May 2013

International Conference on the Economics of Religion and Culture

Current programme available for ASREC 2013.

Event Date: Thursday 11th April 2013

Workshop on Networks

Cambridge-INET will host a Workshop on Networks on 26th March 2013, 14:30 - 18:30, in the Keynes Room, Faculty of Economics, The University of Cambridge.

Event Date: Tuesday 26th March 2013

Steven Durlauf - Lectures on Social Interactions

Steven N. Durlauf, will be visiting the Faculty of Economics during the week of March 4-8, 2013 and giving three lectures during his visit.

Event Date: Tuesday 5th March 2013

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