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Faculty of Economics

International Trade, Finance, and Macroeconomics Conference

Supported by: CEPR, The Bank of England, Centre For Macroeconomics and Cambridge-INET Institute.

Event Date: Thursday 18th December 2014

Cambridge-INET Empirical Microstructure Workshop

This workshop confronts recent empirical findings in market microstructure with methodological developments in high-frequency econometrics to shed new light on important aspects of contemporary financial markets.

Event Date: Friday 28th November 2014

Aggregate Demand, the Labor Market and Macroeconomic Policy Conference

4-5 September 2014, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Event Date: Thursday 4th September 2014

Cambridge-INET Workshop on Networks, Institutions, and Economic History

Workshop on Networks, Institutions, and Economic History, 29 June - 1 July at Madingley Hall.

Event Date: Tuesday 1st July 2014

Summer School in Social Economics

The Cambridge-INET institute in collaboration with Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group (HCEO) will hold its 2014 Summer School at the University of Cambridge from June 16-June 20, 2014. The theme of the Summer School is Social Economics. The organizers of the Summer School are Professor Steven N. Durlauf and Professor Sanjeev Goyal.

Event Date: Monday 16th June 2014

Richard J Smith's 65th Birthday Conference

Richard J Smith is 65 this year and a small conference will be held in his honour on 30th and 31st May, in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre in Trinity College.

Event Date: Saturday 31st May 2014

Keynes Fund Research Day

The Keynes Fund for Applied Economics will hold it's 1st Research Day in the Keynes Room, Faculty of Economics on  20th May 2014.

Event Date: Tuesday 20th May 2014

The Review of Economic Studies May Meeting

The Review of Economic Studies May Meetings have been held annually in May since 1989. Every year, in line with the Review's tradition of encouraging the work of young economists, seven of the most promising graduating doctoral students in economics and finance in the world are selected to present their research to audiences in Europe

Event Date: Monday 12th May 2014

Cambridge-INET Economics May Gala

The Cambridge-INET is proud to host three economic conferences between May 9 and 15, 2014 at King's College Cambridge.

Event Date: Friday 9th May 2014

"Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility" Symposium in Vatican City

Sir Partha Dasgupta will be speaking at the 2014 "Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility" Symposium, in Vatican City.

Event Date: Thursday 8th May 2014

Understanding Financial Markets Event, at the British Academy

Understanding Financial Markets: Research, Practice and Policy Event is being held at the British Academy on 30th April. For details and to register see the event page.

Event Date: Wednesday 7th May 2014

Understanding Financial Markets: Research, Practice and Policy

Professor Maureen O'Hara (Cornell) and Elroy Dimson (Judge Business School) will give talks on "Understanding Financial Markets: Research, Practice and Policy" at the British Academy, London on 30th April 2014, from 6.30 - 8.00 pm.

Event Date: Wednesday 30th April 2014

The Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society will take place in Cambridge April 3-6 2014.

The European Public Choice Society promotes scientific research on the economics and politics of public and non-market decision-making, political economy and the economics of institutions. The annual meeting brings together about 250 researchers with a shared interest in Public Choice.

Event Date: Monday 7th April 2014

The Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society

Event Date: Thursday 3rd April 2014

Association for the Study of Religion, Economics and Culture 2014 Annual Conference

Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture, Annual Conference: March 21-22, 2014, Chapman University, Orange, CA. Programme now online

Event Date: Friday 14th March 2014

Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture 2013-2014

Professor John van Reenen will present the sixth Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture, “Boss-onomics: Taking the Measure of Management”

Event Date: Thursday 27th February 2014

The Marshall Lectures 2013-2014 - Professor Alvin Roth

Professor Alvin Roth will give this years Marshall Lectures on the 19th and 20th of February 2013.

Event Date: Thursday 20th February 2014

Conference on Nonparametric and Semiparametric Methods

Debopam Bhattacharya, Andrew Chesher, Christian Hafner, Marc Hallin, Javier Hidalgo, Efang Kong, Dennis Kristensen, Ying-Ying Lee, Degui Li, Zudi Lu, Jens Nielsen, Juan Manuel, Rodriguez-Poo, Alessio Sancetta, Sorawoot Srisuma, Weining Wang, James Wolter, Daniel Wilhelm, Paolo Zaffaroni.

Event Date: Friday 14th February 2014

Job Talks

Event Date: Friday 31st January 2014

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