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Faculty of Economics

Til Schuermann Public Talk (30 October)

Til Schuermann will give a Public Talk, titled "Colloquia on the European Crises" on 30th October, 11:00 - 12:15, in room LG17, Faculty of Law

Event Date: Monday 30th November 2015

Andrew Odlyzko Public Talk (21 Oct)

Andrew Odlyzko will give a public talk called "The Uses, Abuses, and Non-uses of Quantitative Models in the British Railway Mania", on 21st October 2015 at 11am - 12.30pm in the Meade Room

Event Date: Wednesday 21st October 2015

Reassessing the EU Monetary and Fiscal Framework Conference

ADEMU Kick-Off Conference, hosted by the University of Cambridge. Held in the McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Thursday 8th October - Friday 9th October 2015

Event Date: Friday 9th October 2015

Cambridge-INET Big Data Big Methods Conference

Tuesday 29 - Wednesday 30th September 2015 at the Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge.

Event Date: Wednesday 30th September 2015

Women in Economics Day

A "Women in Economics Day" event is being held on 15th September 2015 at Gonville & Caius College Cambridge. Speakers include Kate Barker, Vicky Pryce, Liam Halligan and Victoria Bateman.

Event Date: Tuesday 15th September 2015

Cambridge-INET Search and Matching Conference

10th-11th September 2015 at Clare College. The keynote speakers are Fabien Postel-Vinay (UCL, Sciences Po) and Jan Eeckhout (UPF, UCL).

Event Date: Friday 11th September 2015

Conference Marking 25 Years of the Cambridge Realist Workshop

A Reunion Conference was held in Newnham College Cambridge, September 7-9 2015. It was held to mark the the fact that the Cambridge Realist workshop has been running for 25 Years.

Event Date: Monday 7th September 2015

Cambridge-INET Persistent Output Gaps: Causes and Policy Remedies Workshop

3rd - 4th September 2015 at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge. The nvited speakers are Gauti Eggerston (Brown), Bob Hall (Stanford) and Alp Simpsek (MIT)

Event Date: Thursday 3rd September 2015

15th SAET Conference on Current Trends in Economics

The 15th Annual SAET Conference will be held July 27-31, 2015 at the University of Cambridge, UK. The lectures will take place at The Møller Centre between July 27-31, 2015.

Event Date: Friday 31st July 2015

University Open Days 2015

University Open Days, Thursday 2 and Friday 3 July 2015.The Faculty of Economics will have an Information Stand in the Law Faculty on both days manned by members of academic staff. Also in the Faculty's Meade Room a video of the 2015 Marshall Lecture, given by Prof. Raj Chetty will be shown all day.

Event Date: Friday 3rd July 2015

Cambridge-INET The Economic Development of India Workshop

"An interdisciplinary workshop on the economic development of India will be held in Trinity Hall, Cambridge, on 26-27 June 2015. The aim is to encourage discussion across economics, history and related disciplines that is accessible to a wide audience.

Event Date: Friday 26th June 2015

Cambridge-INET Econometrics of Networks Workshop

The Econometrics of Networks Workshop is a joint workshop between Cambridge-INET and The Econometrics Journal. It will be held on 17th June 2015, from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM at the Cambridge City Hotel, Cambridge.

Event Date: Wednesday 17th June 2015

Cambridge-INET Third European Meeting on Networks

The Meeting aims to offer a forum for the presentation and dissemination of frontier research on Networks. It will be held on 18th - 19th June 2015 Jun 18, 2015, from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, in the Moller centre, Cambridge.

Event Date: Tuesday 16th June 2015

Keynes Fund Research Day 2015

The Keynes Fund for Applied Economics, 2nd Research Day. Will take place in the Keynes Room, Faculty of Economics on 15th June 2015, 12.30pm - 4.15pm.

Event Date: Monday 15th June 2015

Cambridge-INET Big Data Conference

CeMMAP and Cambridge-INET are hosting a conference on Economic and Econometric Applications of Big Data to be held in Cambridge, UK June 11-12, 2015.

Event Date: Friday 12th June 2015

Cambridge-INET Research Day

Cambridge-INET Research Day. Presentations by Cambridge-INET Postdoctoral Fellows. June 3rd 2015, from 9.30am - 1.00pm, in the Meade Room.

Event Date: Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Cambridge-INET Colloquia on the European Crises

The first Colloquium will take place on the 3rd of June 2015, from 5:30pm - 7:30pm, in the Roger Needham Room, Wolfson College.

Event Date: Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Cambridge-INET Talk Today - Ramana Nanda (Harvard Business School)

Cambridge-INET visitor, Ramana Nanda (Harvard Business School), is giving a talk today. Title: 'Housing Collateral, Credit Constraints and Entrepreneurship - Evidence from a Mortgage Reform', 4.30-6.00pm, in the Meade Room

Event Date: Wednesday 20th May 2015

Cambridge-INET 17th Babbage Lecture

17th Babbage Lecture - Faculty of Economics (May 14): Prof. Coen Teulings will give a lecture entitled "Secular stagnation, rational bubbles, and fiscal policy", on Thursday 14 May 2015, 17.30 - 19.30, in Little Hall, Sidgwick Ave, Cambridge.

Event Date: Thursday 14th May 2015

Reasoning via Formal Models in Economics

Reasoning via Formal Models in Economics. A Series of Three Afternoon Lecture Sessions by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta and Professor Eric Maskin. Held on the 29th April, 6th May and 13th May, at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge

Event Date: Wednesday 13th May 2015

Cambridge-INET Financial Crises: Lessons from History

A Symposium in Economics and History with Michael Bordo, Barry Eichengreen and Solomus Solomou. Held at Trinity College on 7th May, 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Event Date: Thursday 7th May 2015

Cambridge-INET Symposium on Contagion

This symposium brings together researchers working on different aspects of contagion from different perspectives, in order to explore common features and foster cross-pollination. Speakers will present work drawn from economics and finance, biology, computer science, network science and public health.

Event Date: Friday 24th April 2015

Cambridge-INET Economics and Policy in a Historical Mirror: The 'Thirties and the Noughties'

A debate around the latest book by Professor Barry Eichengreen. 15th April 2015 - King's, College, Cambridge.

Event Date: Wednesday 15th April 2015

Cambridge-INET Workshop on Developments in Time Series

2nd April 2015 - Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge

Event Date: Thursday 2nd April 2015

Cambridge-INET Workshop on Microstructure Theory and Application

This conference aims to bring together cutting edge theoretical and empirical research in market microstructure together to address issues of contemporary importance.

Event Date: Saturday 14th March 2015

Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture 2015

Professor Jean-Marc Robin will present the seventh Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture on the 11th March 2015, at The Cavonius Centre, Cambridge. The title of his talk is "Marriage, Labor Supply, and Home Production (A Longitudinal Microeconomic Analysis of Marriage, Intra-Household Bargaining and Time Use Using the BHPS, 1991-2008)".

Event Date: Wednesday 11th March 2015

The Marshall Lectures 2014-2015

Prof. Raj Chetty will give this years Marshall Lecture. The title will be Improving Equality of Opportunity: New Evidence and Policy Lessons.

Event Date: Wednesday 25th February 2015

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