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Faculty of Economics


In October 2017 the Faculty decided to work towards an Athena SWAN Bronze Award. The Self-Assessment Team (SAT), who will compile the report and application, will come together for their first meeting in October 2017 and will meet frequently in the next months. The SAT currently consists of the following members -

Dr. Juliana Cavalcanti, College Teaching Officer

Maarten De Ridder, PhD student

Silvana Dean, Administrative officer

Dr. Aytek Erdil, University Teaching Officer

Dr. Elisa Faraglia (Chair), University Teaching Officer

Dr. Alexy Gorn,  Postdoctoral Researchers

Zeina Hasna, PhD student

Qi Lee, undergraduate student

Prof. Sheilagh Ogilvie, Professor of Economics

Prof. Alexey Onatskiy, Professor of Economics

Prof. Hamid Sabourian, Professor of Economics (Chair of the Faculty)