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Keynes Fund Projects - Various

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Title: Keynes Fund Projects - Various

Sponsor: The Keynes Fund

Description: The Keynes Fund provides resources to the Cambridge research community for high-quality projects consistent with these themes. The key features on which projects will be assessed are: quality, impact and positive strong externalities for the Cambridge research environment, especially with regard to the promotion of young talent in the Cambridge Ph.D. programme, or among Post-docs.

Proposers are expected to motivate their projects in light of the statutory goals of the KF, clearly identifying the areas of originality and excellence in them.

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Dr Toke Aidt

Director of the Keynes Fund

Published Papers

Cavalcanti, T., Da Mata, D. and, Toscani, F. Winning the oil lottery: the impact of natural resource extraction on growth, (2019) Journal of Economic Growth, 1–37
Cavalcanti, T. V. D. On the determinants of slum formation, (2018) The Economic Journal, 129, 1971-1991
Choi, S., Galeotti, A and Goyal, S. Trading in Networks: Theory and Experiments, (2017) Journal of the European Economic Association, 15(4), 784–817
Cavalcanti, T.V.D and Vaz, P.H. Access to long-term credit and productivity of small and medium firms: a causal evidence, (2017) Economics Letters, 150, 21-25
Harvey, A. C. and Lange, R-J. Volatility Modeling with a Generalized t Distribution, (2017) Journal of Time Series Analysis, 38(2), 175-190
Caivano, M., Harvey, A. C. and Luati, A. Robust time series models with trend and seasonal components, (2016) SERIEs : Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 99-120
da Rocha, B.T. and Solomou, S.N. The effects of systemic banking crises in the inter-war period, (2015) Journal of International Money and Finance, 54, 35-49
Caivano, M. and Harvey, A. C. Time series models with an EGB2 conditional distribution, (2014) Journal of Time Series Analysis, 35(6), 558-571
Harvey, A. C. and Luati, A. Filtering with heavy tails, (2014) Journal of the American Statistical Association, 109, 1112-1122
Harvey, A. C. and Sucarrat, G. EGARCH models with fat tails, skewness and leverage, (2014) Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 76, 320-338
Antunes, A., Cavalcanti, T.V.D., Villamil, A. The effects of credit subsidies on development, (2014) Economic Theory
Jain,S., Majumdar,S. and Mukand, Sharun W. Walk the line: conflict, state capacity and the political dynamics of reform, (2014) Journal of Development Economics, 111, 150-166
Andres, P. Computation of Maximum Likelihood Estimates for Score Driven Models for Positive Valued Observations,, (2014) Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 76, 34-42
Crossley, T. and Low, H. Job loss, credit constraints and consumption growth, (2013) Review of Economics and Statistics
Harvey, A. C. Tracking a changing copula, (2010) Journal of Empirical Finance, 17(3), 485-500

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Choi, S., Goyal, S. and Moisan, F. Brokerage, (2020) CWPE2005
Onatski, A. and Wang, C. Spurious Factor Analysis, (2020) CWPE2003
Corsetti, G., Eichengreen, B., Hale, G. and Tallman, E. The Euro Crisis in the Mirror of the EMS: How Tying Odysseus to the Mast Avoided the Sirens but Led Him to Charybdis, (2019) CWPE1914
Corsetti, G., Duarte, J. B. and Mann, S. One Money, Many Markets - A Factor Model Approach to Monetary Policy in the Euro Area with High-Frequency Identification, (2018) CWPE1816
Froemel, M. and Gottlieb, C. The Earned Income Tax Credit: Targeting the Poor but Crowding Out Wealth, (2016) CWPE1651
Cho, S., Galeotti, A. and Goyal, S. Trading in Networks: Theory and Experiments, (2014) CWPE1457
Cavalcanti, T. V. D., Da Mata, D. and Toscani, F. Winning the Oil Lottery: The Impact of Natural Resource Extraction on Growth, (2014) CWPE1455
Alan, S., Crossley, T. and Low, H. Saving on a Rainy Day, Borrowing for a Rainy Day, (2012) CWPE1222

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