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Recent Publications

  • Challe, E. and Giannitsarou, C. `Stock prices and monetary policy shocks: a general equilibrium approach` ; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
  • Aidt, T. and Hwang, U. `To ban or not to ban : foreign lobbying and cross-national externalities` ; Canadian Journal of Economics
  • Smith, R. J., Hahn, J. and Newey, W. K. `Neglected heterogeneity in moment condition models` ; Journal of Econometrics
  • Corsetti, G., Dedola, L., and Leduc, S. `The international dimension of productivity and demand shocks in the US economy` ; Journal of the European Economic Association
  • Bown, C. and Crowley, M. `Emerging economies, trade policy, and macroeconomic shocks` ; Journal of Development Economics