University of Cambridge

Faculty of Economics

Forthcoming Seminars

`Financial Frictions in Production Networks` Saki BigioTue 28 Apr Macroeconomics
`Competitive Screening under Heterogeneous Information` Daniel GarrettWed 29 Apr Microeconomics
`Asymmetric Information and Middleman Margins: An Experiment with West Bengal Potato Farmers` Dilip Mookherjee (Cambridge-INET Visitor)Thu 30 Apr Empirical Microeconomics

Recent Publications

  • Carvalho, V. and Gabaix, X. `The great diversification and its undoing` (2013) American Economic Review
  • Crowley, M. A. and  Bown, C. P. `Self-enforcing trade agreements: evidence from time-varying trade policy` (2013) American Economic Review
  • Buhai, I.S., Portela, M.A., Teulings, C.N., van Vuuren, A. `Returns to tenure or seniority?` (2014) Econometrica
  • Corsetti, G., Dedola, L., and Leduc, S. `The international dimension of productivity and demand shocks in the US economy` (2014) Journal of the European Economic Association