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The Life and Work of Frank Hahn Exhibition

The Marshall Library launched The Life and Work of Frank Hahn Exhibition this week. The Exhibition will be on display in the Marshall Library Social Area until 22nd April, 2017.


Recent Publications

  • Rendahl, P. `Fiscal policy in an unemployment crisis` (2016) Review of Economic Studies
  • Gagnon, J. and Goyal, S. `Networks, markets and inequality` (2017) American Economic Review
  • Cesarani, D., Lindqvist, E., Ostling, R. and Wallace, B. `Wealth, health, and child development: evidence from administrative data on Swedish lottery players` (2016) Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • Choi, S., Galeotti, A and Goyal, S. `Trading in networks` (2016) Journal of the European Economic Association
  • more....