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Research Interests

Applied Micro Theory, Labour, Multivariate Matching


DPhil in Economics from Oxford. My research is focused on labour market matching. I am particularly interested in occupational sorting, both with and without the presence of relative concerns. Occupational sorting determines who joins which industry and, thus, the supply of talent in each sector of the economy. As such, it has a strong impact on wages, wage inequality and growth. In my previous work I have demonstrated that that agents relocation is also an important channel of shock transmission across industries. Currently, I continue developing this research agenda: among others, I am investigating the labour market implications of Veblen's (1899) hypothesis that more information about status results in less conspicuous consumption.

To learn more about my research, please visit my personal website:

Dr Pawel Gola

Mead Research Fellow
and College Lecturer, Emmanuel

Contact Details
College: Emmanuel College