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Research Interests

Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Regulation

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Greve, T., Pollitt, M. Determining the optimal length of regulatory guarantee: a length-of-contract auction, (2016) Economic Journal
Greve, T. and Keiding, H. Regulated competition under increasing returns to scale, (2016) Journal of Public Economic Theory

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Greve, T. and Teng, F. and Pollitt, M. and Strbac, G. A system operator's utility function for the frequency response market, (2017) CWPE1728
Rocha, M. and Greve, T. Contracting in a market with differential information, (2016) CWPE1657
Greve, T. and Pollitt, M. A future auction mechanism for distributed generation, (2016) CWPE1672
Greve, T. and Greve, T. and Patsios C. and Pollitt, M. and Taylor, P. Economic zones for future complex power systems, (2016) CWPE1658
Newbery, D. M. and Greve, T. The robustness of industrial commodity oligopoly pricing strategies , (2015) CWPE1540

Chapter in Book

Greve, T. Market design in the smart grid, (2016) in the book: Handbook of smart grid development - Wiley

Dr Thomas Greve

University Lecturer

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Microeconomic Theory

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