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Research Interests

Product differentiation, fashion, human capital, technological progress and cultural economics

Research and Publications

My research is in the area of industrial organisation and cultural economics with a particular interest in product design, human capital, cultural goods and happiness.


Sällström S. (1999) `Technological Progress and the Chamberlin Effect' Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol XLVII (4): 427-450.
Sällström S. (2001) `Fashion and Sales,' International Journal of Industrial Organisation, Vol 19: 1363-1385.
Sällström Matthews S.`Why Are Economists Indeed so Unscientific' (2008) The Economist's Voice, Berkley Electronic Press, forthcoming

Submitted Papers

Hobbies and Culture: The Value of Internal Goods

Multi-purpose Consumption and Functional Differentiation,

Practice Makes Perfect: On Professional Standards,

Dr Susanna E Sällström-Matthews

Director of Studies in Economics (St John's College)

Contact Details
College: St John's College
College Tel: +44(0)1223 337721