Research Projects, Grants, and End of Award Reports

  1. A Research Associate and a Principal Investigator of the Cambridge Growth Project, Department of Applied Economics, 1982-86.

  3. ESRC grant for research on Disaggregation in Econometric Models (Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge), 1988-1990.

  5. ESRC grant for research on Expectations Formation in Disaggregate Models. Ref: R000 23 1813 (with K. Lee), 1989-1991. £46,890)

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  7. Research and travel grant from the Newton Trust, Trinity College, Cambridge, 1989-1991.

  9. Grants from the Academic Senate and the Near Eastern Center of UCLA for research on the Iranian economy.

  11. Research grants from the Newton Trust, Trinity College. 1991-1993. (£52,000)

  13. Research grants from the Newton Trust, Trinity College. 1992-1994. (£84,000)

  15. ESRC grant for research on Modelling Exchange Rates in Target Zones (with Hossein Samiei). Ref: R00023 3427. 1992-1994. (£54,000). ESRC grading: Outstanding.

  17. ESRC grant for research on An Empirical Analysis of Business Cycle Fluctuations in the Context of a Multisectoral Model (with Kevin Lee). Ref: R00023 3608. 1992-1994. (£120,000). ESRC grading: Outstanding.

  18. End of Award Report
    Non-technical Summary
  19. ESRC grant for research on Integration of Micro and Macro Analysis in Data Fields. (Within the ESRC initiative for the Analysis of Large and Complex Datasets Ref: H519 25 5003). 1994-1996. (£94,000) - Additional matching grants of £50,500 from Newton Trust.

  21. ESRC grant for research on "Econometric Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Models with Applications in International Macroeconomics", September 1995 for two years. Ref: R000 23 5524 (£100,090).  ESRC grading: Outstanding.

  22. End of Award Report
  23. ESRC grant for research on "Structural Modelling of the UK Economy within a VAR Framework using Quarterly and Monthly Data", June 1995 for five years. Ref: L116 25 1016 (£205,130). Additional matching grant of £50,000 from Newton Trust.  ESRC grading: Outstanding.

  24. End of Award Report
  25. European Commission Marie Curie Research Training Grant for research on "Optimal Consumption under Precautionary Savings: A Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Approach" (with Michael Binder). Ref: ERBFMBICT983303. (23,256 ECU).

  27. ESRC grant for research on “Debt Management and the Evolving Macroeconomy” (with Shaun Vahey). October 1999 for  two years.  Ref: L 13825 1021. (£87,771).

  29. ESRC grant for research on "Dynamic Panel Analysis of Interactions and Nonlinearities" (with Sean Holly) January 2004 for  three years.   Ref:35419. (£153,525.44).  ESRC grading: Outstanding.

    End of Award Report

  31. ECB grant for Project ‘International economic linkages and synchronisation in business cycles’ (with Sean Holly), June 2004 for one year. 60,000 euros.

  32. Cambridge Finance Sinopia Research Fellowship, Forecasting in Presence of Structural Instability. Starting October 2006 for three years. £166,000.