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Research Interests

Macroeconomic Theory, Fiscal Policy and Debt Management.


Ph.D. from New York University (2005); Network Coordinator of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN).

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Faraglia, E., Marcet, A., Oikonomou, R. and Scott, A. Government Debt management: the Short and the Long of it, Review of Economic Studies, vol 86(6) (2019) pp. 2554–2604
Faraglia, E., Marcet, A., Oikonomou, R. and Scott, A. The impact of debt levels and debt maturity on inflation, The Economic Journal, vol 123(566) (2013) pp. F164-F192
Faraglia, E.,  Marcet, A. and Scott, A. In search of a theory of debt management, Journal of Monetary Economics, vol 57(7) (2010) pp. 821-836
Esteban-Pretel, J. and Faraglia, E. Monetary shocks in a model with skill loss, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking , vol 42(7) (2010) pp. 1235-1265
Faraglia, E., Marcet, A. and Scott, A. Fiscal insurance and debt management in OECD economies, The Economic Journal, vol 118(527) (2008) pp. 363-386

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Amano-Patiño, N., Faraglia, E., Giannitsarou, C. and Hasna, Z. The Unequal Effects of Covid-19 on Economists' Research Productivity, (2020) CWPE2038
Anagnostopoulos, A., Atesagaoglu, O., Faraglia, E., Giannitsarou, C. Foreign Direct Investment as a Determinant of Cross-Country Stock Market Comovement, (2019) CWPE1978
Equiza-Goni, J., Faraglia, E., Oikonomou, R. Union Debt Management, (2018) CWPE1890
Faraglia, E., Marcet, A., Oikonomou, R., Scott, A. A Short Note on Optimal Debt Management under Asymmetric Information, (2017) CWPE1761
Faraglia, E., Marcet, A., Oikonomou, R., Scott, A. Long Term Government Bonds, (2016) CWPE1683

Recent Activities

Are Women Publishing Less During the Pandemic?
Dr Noriko Amano Patino's VOXeu article and paper (joint with Elisa Faraglia, Chryssi Giannitsarou and Zeina Hasna), entitled "Who is doing new research in the time of COVID-19? Not the female economists" was quoted in the Nature article "Are Women Publishing Less During the Pandemic?" which looks at the unequal effects of COVID-19 on research productivity.
Published on - Friday 29th May 2020

Athena SWAN Bronze Award 2020
The Faculty of Economics is pleased to announce that it has been formally recognised for its commitment to equality by achieving the Athena SWAN Bronze award for the first time.
Published on - Monday 18th May 2020

Who is Doing New Research in the Time of COVID-19?
Dr. Noriko Amano-Patiño, Dr. Elisa Faraglia, Dr. Chryssi Giannitsarou and PhD candidate Zeina Hasna have published an article for VOXeu titled "Who is doing new research in the time of COVID-19? Not the female economists". This column suggests that the effects of lockdowns on the division of labour at home have been particularly detrimental to the research activity of women.
Published on - Monday 4th May 2020

Faculty Members to speak at CERF in The City 2018
Dr Elisa Faraglia and Dr Matt Elliott are to speak at the CERF in the City 2018 event on The Risks in Financial Markets.
Published on - Wednesday 31st January 2018

Dr. Faraglia to speak at Taking Fiscal Policy Seriously Workshop
Dr Elisa Faraglia will speak at the one-day Taking Fiscal Policy Seriously workshop. This event is hosted by The Nufffield Centre for Applied Macro Policy (NuCamp) in London on 9th November 2017.
Published on - Wednesday 25th October 2017

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Heterogeneity, Precautionary Savings and Government Debt Management with Oikonomou, R. (JHLW)

COVID-19 Economic Research

Special Feature: The Unequal Effects of COVID-19 on Economists' Research Productivity


MPhil Prep Course - Differential and Difference Equations
MPhil E200 - Macroeconomics Phd21 - Computational Methods

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Timo Haber
PhD Title: Three Essays in Modern Macroeconomics
Research: Macroeconomics, Heterogenous Agents Models, Computational Methods
Maria Del Mar Domenech
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