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Research Interests

Role of the state in economic change

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Andreoni, A. and Chang, H. J. Industrial policy and the future of manufacturing, (2016) Economia e Politica Industriale
Bateman, M., Chang, H. J. Microfinance and the illusion of development: from hubris to nemesis in thirty years, (2012) World Economic Review
Chang, H. J. Institutions and economic development: Theory, policy, and history, (2011) Journal of Institutional Economics
Chang, H. J. Reply to the comments on ‘Institutions and Economic Development: Theory, Policy and History’, (2011) Journal of Institutional Economics
Chang, H. J. Should industrial policy in developing countries conform to comparative advantage or defy it? – A debate between Justin Lin and Ha-Joon Chang, (2009) Development Policy Review

Authored Book

Chang, H.J. Economics : the user guide, (2014) - Penguin
Chang, H.J. 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism, (2011) - Penguin

Chapter in Book

Chang,H.J. Is industrial policy necessary and feasible in Africa?: theoretical considerations and historical lessons, (2015) in the book: Industrial policy and economic transformation in Africa - Columbia University Press
Cramer, C. and Chang, H.J. Tiger or tiger prawns? The African growth "tragedy" and "renaissance" in perspective, (2015) in the book: The Oxford handbook of Africa and economics. Volume 1, Context and concepts - Oxford University Press
Chang, H.J. and Montes, M.F. If you make consistent, gradual changes, they can add up to something enormous, (2013) in the book: 22 ides to fix the World: conversations with the World's foremost thinkers - New York University Press
Chang, H. J. Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark: How development has disappeared from today’s “development” discourse, (2010) in the book: Towards new developmentalism: market as means rather than master - Routledge
Chang, H.J. How to 'do' a developmental state: political, organisational, and human resource requirements for the developmental state, (2010) in the book: Constructing a democratic developmental state in South Africa - potentials and challenges - Human Science Research Council

Recent Activities

Dr Chang's article on Korean democracy published in The New York Times - Publication Date: 2017-09-15
Dr Ha-Joon Chang's article on Korean democracy, titled, 'South Koreans Worked a Democratic Miracle. Can They Do It Again?', was published in The New York Times on 14 September 2017.

RSA Animation based on Ha-Joon Chang's book, Economics: The User's Guide - Publication Date: 2016-08-18
The RSA (Royal Society of Arts) have produced an animation entitled 'Economics is for Everyone', which is based on Ha-Joon Chang's book, Economics: The User's Guide

Ha-Joon Chang voted no. 9 in the Prospect World Thinkers poll - Publication Date: 2014-04-24
Ha-Joon Chang has been voted no. 9 in the Prospect World Thinkers 2014 poll.

Ha-Joon Chang Interviewed for Varsity Magazine - Publication Date: 2014-02-20
Varsity Magazine speak to leading heterodox economist and Cambridge academic Ha-Joon Chang

Ha-Joon Chang interviewed by the Financial Times - Publication Date: 2013-12-01
Over fish curry in Cambridge, the Korean economist and bestselling author says the time is right to embrace moral dilemmas as well as mathematical models


PI Paper 4 - Michaelmas - Economics as a Political Subject
PIIA Paper 8 - Michaelmas - History of Economics

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Jang Youn Lee
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Dr Ha-Joon Chang

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Alternative approaches to economics, history of economic thought, and methodology

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