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Research Interests

Role of the state in economic change

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Chang, H.-J., Andreoni, A. Industrial policy in the 21st Century, (2020) Development and Change
Andreoni, A., Chang, H. J., Konzelmann, S. and Shipman, A. Introduction to the special issue: towards a production-centred agenda, (2018) Cambridge Journal of Economics
Andreoni, A., Chang, H. J. and Scazzieri, R. Industrial policy in context: building blocks for an integrated and comparative political economy agenda, (2018) Structural Change and Economic Dynamics
Andreoni, A. and Chang, H. J. The political economy of industrial policy: structural interdependencies, policy alignment and conflict management, (2018) Structural Change and Economic Dynamics
Naqvi, N., Henow, A. and Chang, H. J. Kicking away the financial ladder? German development banking under economic globalisation, (2018) Review of International Political Economy

Authored Book

Chang, H.J. Economics : the user guide, (2014) - Penguin
Chang, H.J. 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism, (2011) - Penguin

Chapter in Book

Chang, H..J. Economic development, (2019) in the book: Development : mechanisms of change - Cambridge University Press
Chang,H.J. Is industrial policy necessary and feasible in Africa?: theoretical considerations and historical lessons, (2015) in the book: Industrial policy and economic transformation in Africa - Columbia University Press
Cramer, C. and Chang, H.J. Tiger or tiger prawns? The African growth "tragedy" and "renaissance" in perspective, (2015) in the book: The Oxford handbook of Africa and economics. Volume 1, Context and concepts - Oxford University Press
Chang, H.J. and Montes, M.F. If you make consistent, gradual changes, they can add up to something enormous, (2013) in the book: 22 ides to fix the World: conversations with the World's foremost thinkers - New York University Press
Chang, H. J. Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark: How development has disappeared from today's 'development' discourse, (2010) in the book: Towards new developmentalism: market as means rather than master - Routledge

Recent Activities

Is this the End of Globalisation?
Dr. Ha-Joon Chang was interviewed by Matthew Taylor (Royal Society of Arts, Chief Executive) as part of the RSA special interview series "Bridges to the Future - Response to Covid-19". This series aims to assess the scale of the COVID-19 response and consider how we build effective bridges to our new future.
Published on - Tuesday 19th May 2020

The Way to Fix Bias in Economics is to Recruit More Women
The Financial Times have published a opinion editorial "The way to fix bias is economics in to recruit more women", which is based on a study of biases among economists, conducted by Dr. Ha-Joon Chang and Mohsen Javdani (University of British Columbia). You will need an FT account to view this article.
Published on - Tuesday 26th February 2019

National Institute for Economic and Social Research
Dr. Ha-Joon Chang and Dr. Sean Holly have both been appointed a Governors of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research for a five year term. The NIESR is Britain's longest established independent research institute, founded in 1938.
Published on - Friday 9th November 2018

UN Committee for Development Policy
Dr. Ha-Joon Chang has been appointed as a member of the Committee for Development Policy of the United Nations Economic and Social Council from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2021. The CDP advises the Council on a wide range of emerging economic, social and environmental issues
Published on - Tuesday 25th September 2018

Innovation, Productivity & Trade Negotiations
Dr. Ha-Joon Chang discussed "innovation, productivity and trade negotiations" with both the Wall Street Journal and Financial Express.
Published on - Tuesday 17th July 2018


PI Paper 4 - Michaelmas - Economics as a Political Subject
PIIA Paper 8 - Michaelmas - History of Economics

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Jang Youn Lee
PhD Title: Interaction between the Financial Sector and the Real Sector

Dr Ha-Joon Chang

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Alternative approaches to economics, history of economic thought, and methodology

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