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Research Interests

British economic history, gender, work and living standards


Ph.D. University of Cambridge (1991), member Economic History Society (editorial board, new researcher's prize evaluator)

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Horrell, S. & Humphries, J. Children's work and wages in Britain, 1280-1860, (2019) Explorations in Economic History
Horrell, S. and Oxley, D. Gender bias in nineteenth-century England: evidence from factory children, (2016) Economics and Human Biology
Horrell,S., Humphries, J. and Sneath, K. Consumption conundrums unravelled, (2015) Economic History Review
Horrell, S. and Oxley, D. Bargaining for basics? Inferring decision making in nineteenth-century British households from expenditure, diet, stature and death, (2013) European Review of Economic History
Gazeley, I. and Horrell, S. Nutrition in the English agricultural labourer's household over the course of the long nineteenth century, (2013) Economic History Review

Chapter in Book

Horrell, S., Humphries, J. and Sneath, K. Cupidity and crime: consumption as revealed by insights from the Old Bailey records of thefts in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, (2013) in the book: Large databases in economic history - Routledge

Edited Books

Horrell, S. Work, female empowerment and economic development, (2008) - Routledge

Recent Activities

Faculty Senior Academic Promotions - Publication Date: 2017-06-15
Vasco Carvalho, Sara Horrell, Pontus Rendahl and Petra Geraats have all been successful in the Faculty's Senior Academic Promotions.

Research Grants

An Evaluation Of Schedule D Tax Returns For British National Accounts And The Performance Of The Service Sector In Late C19th Britain (NUFFIELD FOUNDATION)
Incentives, Labour Markets And Poverty Reduction (DFID)
Labour Supply And Risk Mitigation In Rural Indian Households (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST)


PI Paper 5 British Industrial Revolution
PI Paper 5 - Late Victorian Britain
PIIA Paper 7 - Lent - The Family, the State and the Labour Market
PIIA Paper 9 - Historical Perspectives on African Economic Growth
MPhil S610 - British Industrialisation

Dr Sara Horrell

University Reader

Research Group:
Economic History

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Room: 68
College: Murray Edwards College