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Articles and Papers:

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  • Work, Female Empowerment and Economic Development (2008), Routledge, with Hazel Johnson and Paul Mosley, ISBN 9780415437571, pages 233 + xvii

    Chapters contributed:

    1. Introduction, Sara Horrell and Paul Mosley, pp.1-10
    2. The surveys: countries, methodology and poverty classifications, Hazel Johnson and Sara Horrell, pp.11-31
    3. Time use and labour supply in rural households, Sara Horrell and Paul Mosley, pp.32-81
    4. Landlessness, poverty and labour markets in south-western Ethiopia, Sara Horrell and June Rock, pp.82-101
    7. Female-headed households in Zimbabwe: a different type of poverty needing a different set of solutions? Sara Horrell, pp.171-97.
    8. Policies and poverty alleviation, Paul Mosley and Sara Horrell, pp.198-218 


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Book reviews:

  • “Gender, Work and Wages in Industrial Revolution Britain”, Joyce Burnette, Social History, (2009, forthcoming)
  • “Women’s Work in Industrial England: regional and local perspectives”, Nigel Goose (ed.), Local Population Studies (2008) no. 80, Spring, pp.107-110