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Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Contract Theory, Industrial Organization


"Imperfect Commitment and the Revelation Principle: the Multi-Agent Case with Transferable Utility", 2007 with Bob Evans. Economics Letters,

"Dynamic Yardstick Mechanisms," 2006 with A. Faure-Grimaud. Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 54, No. 2, 316-335.

"Ambivalent Investment and the Hold-Up Problem," 2006. Journal of the European Economic Association, vol.4(6).

Working Papers

Robust Incentives and Non-Exclusive Contracts”, Cambridge Working Papers in Economics No. 729, revised 2008, submitted for publication.

Sequential Screening and Renegotiation”, revised 2008, submitted for publication.



Dr Sönje Reiche

University Lecturer

Research Group:
Microeconomic Theory

CV: Curriculum Vitae

Contact Details
Room: 69
Office Hours: Mondays 2.00-3.00pm
College: Fellow of Newnham College