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Faculty of Economics


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The Hegemon's Dilemma : Intertemporal terms of trade manipulation and expenditure-switching.

Recent Publications

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Corsetti, G. and Marin, E. A. A Century of Arbitrage and Disaster Risk Pricing in the Foreign Exchange Market , (2020) CWPE2020
Lloyd, S. P. and Marin, E. A. Exchange Rate Risk and Business Cycles, (2019) CWPE1996

Recent Activities

The Dollar and International Capital Flows in the COVID-19 Crisis
Professor Giancarlo Corsetti, and Emile Marin have published an article for VOXeu titled "The dollar and international capital flows in the COVID-19 crisis". This column shows that in crises, the dollar tends to appreciate – especially against emerging market currencies – and dollar liquidity becomes scarce.
Published on - Friday 3rd April 2020

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Inefficient Capital Flows and the Hegemon’s Dilemma, Marin, E. (JHUK)


PHD21 - Computational Methods Classes
MPhil R201 Advanced Macro II Classes

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Emile Marin

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