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Faculty of Economics


PhD Title

State-of-the-BART: Simple Bayesian Tree Algorithms for Prediction and Causal Inference

Research Interests

Econometrics, Machine Learning, Energy Economics

Recent Publications

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Zhou, W., O’Neill, E., Moncaster, A., Reiner, D., Guthrie, P. Applying Bayesian Model Averaging to Characterise Urban Residential Stock Turnover Dynamics, (2019) CWPE1986
O'Neill, E., Weeks, M. Causal Tree Estimation of Heterogeneous Household Response to Time-Of-Use Electricity Pricing Schemes, (2018) CWPE1865


R301b Advanced Econometrics II: Cross-Section & Panel Data Classes

Supervisory Team

Eoghan O'Neill

PhD Student

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College: Christ's College