Faculty of Economics

Recent Publications

Title Authors Journal Year
Run-time reconfigurable acceleration for genetic programming fitness evaluation in trading strategies Funie,A.-I,Grigoras, P.,Burovskiy,P,Luk,W. and Salmon,M. Journal of Signal Processing Systems [2017]
A discrete-choice model for large heterogeneous panels with interactive fixed effects with an application to the determinants of corporate bond issuance Boneva, L. and Linton, O. Journal of Applied Econometrics [2017]
Unknowns, Black Swans and the risk/uncertainty distinction Faulkner, P., Feduzi, A., and Runde, J. Cambridge Journal of Economics, forthcoming [2017]
OPEC vs US shale: Analyzing the shift to a market-share strategy Behar, A. and Ritz, R. Energy economics [2017]
Is there a debt-threshold effect on output growth? Chudik, A., Mohaddes, K., Pesaran, M.H., and Raissi, M. Review of Economics and Statistics [2017]
Fair weather or foul? The macroeconomic effects of El Niño Cashin, P., Mohaddes, K., and Raissi, M. Journal of International Economics [2017]
Dynamic limit pricing Toxvaerd, F.M.O. The RAND Journal of Economics [2017]
Access to long-term credit and productivity of small and medium firms: a causal evidence Cavalcanti, T.V.D and Vaz, P.H. Economics Letters [2017]
Networks, markets and inequality Gagnon, J. and Goyal, S. American Economic Review [2017]
Unit root inference in generally trending and cross-correlated fixed-T panels Robertson, D., Sarafidis, V. and Westerlund, J. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics [2017]
Classification of non-parametric regression functions in longitudinal data models Vogt, M. and Linton, O. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B: Statistical Methodology [2017]
How do you defend a network? Dziubinski, M. and Goyal, S. Theoretical Economics [2017]
From open to secret ballot: vote buying and modernization Aidt, T.S. and Jensen,P.S. Comparative Political Studies [2017]
Policies and institutions for managing the aggregate macroeconomic stance of the Eurozone Corsetti,G., Higgins,M. and Pesenti,P. Geneva Reports on the World Economy [2016]
Industrial policy and the future of manufacturing Andreoni, A. and Chang, H. J. Economia e Politica Industriale [2016]
Comments on "Obstfeld and Rogoff's international macro puzzles: a quantitative assessment" by J. Eaton, S. Kortum and B. Neiman Corsetti, G. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control [2016]
Globalization and wage polarization Cozzi, G., and Impullitti, G. The Review of Economics and Statistics [2016]
Ontoogy and social relations: reply to Doug Porpora and to Colin Wight Lawson, T. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour [2016]
Testing against changing correlation Harvey, A. C.and Thiele, S. Journal of Empirical Finance [2016]
A folk theorem with codes of conduct and communication Block, J. I. and Levine, D. K. Economic Theory Bulletin [2016]
Codes of Conduct, Private Information and Repeated Games Block, J. I. and Levine, D. K. International Journal of Game Theory [2016]
Long-run effects in large heterogenous panel data models with cross-sectionally correlated errors Chudik, A., Mohaddes, K., Pesaran, M.H. and Raissi, M. Advances in Econometrics [2016]
Country-specific oil supply shocks and the global economy: a counterfactual analysis Mohaddes, K. and Pesaran M.H. Energy Economics [2016]
The mystery of the printing press: monetary policy and self-fulfilling debt crises Corsetti, G. and Dedola, L. Journal of the European Economic Association [2016]
Recovery from divorce: comparing high and low income couples Fisher, H. and Low, H.W. International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family [2016]
Network cohesion Cavalcanti, T.V.D., Giannitsarou, C. and Johnson, C.R. Economic Theory [2016]
El Niño: good boy or bad? Cashin, P., Mohaddes, K. and Raissi, M. Finance and Development [2016]
A nonparametric test of a strong leverage hypothesis Linton, O., Whang, Y.-J. and Yen, Y.-M. Journal of Econometrics [2016]
Trading in networks Choi, S., Galeotti, A and Goyal, S. Journal of the European Economic Association [2016]
Presidential control of the judiciary via the appointment of power: evidence from Russia Shvets, J. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization [2016]
Favoritism Bramoullé, Y. and Goyal, S. Journal of Development Economics [2016]
Comment on: Reflections on the probability space induced by moment conditions with implications for Bayesian Inference Linton, O. and Wu, R. Journal of Financial Econometrics [2016]
The cross-quantilogram: Measuring quantile dependence and testing directional predictability between time series Han, H., Linton, O., Oka, T. and Whang,Y.-J. Journal of Econometrics [2016]
Are bubbles bad? Is a higher debt target for the Eurozone desirable? Teulings, C. CESifo Economic Studies [2016]
Insuring against health shocks: health insurance and household choices Liu, K. Journal of Health Economics [2016]
Political uncertainty and household savings Aaberge, R., Liu, K. and Zhu, Y. Journal of Comparative Economics [2016]
Gender bias in nineteenth-century England: evidence from factory children Horrell, S. and Oxley, D. Economics and Human Biology [2016]
Rent seeking and the economics of corruption Aidt, T.S. Constitutional Political Economy [2016]
Are university admissions academically fair? Bhattacharya, D. Review of Economics and Statistics [2016]
Bounded memory Folk Theorem Barlo, M., Carmona, G. and Sabourian, H. Journal of Economic Theory [2016]
Why corporations in developing countries are likely to be even more susceptible to the vicissitudes of international finance than their counterparts in the developed world: A Tribute to Ajit Singh Palma, J. G. Economic and Labour Relations Review [2016]
Trade Openness and Inflation: the Role of Real and Nominal Price Rigidities Watson, A., Journal of International Money and Finance [2016]
Robust time series models with trend and seasonal components Caivano, M., Harvey, A. C. and Luati, A. SERIEs : Journal of the Spanish Economic Association [2016]
Towards a green energy economy? The EU energy union's transition to a low-carbon zero subsidy electricity system Newbery, D. M. Applied Energy [2016]
Network Cognition Dessi, R., Gallo, E. and Goyal, S. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization [2016]
Determining the optimal length of regulatory guarantee: a length-of-contract auction Greve, T., Pollitt, M. Economic Journal [2016]
Fiscal policy in an unemployment crisis Rendahl, P. Review of Economic Studies [2016]
Institutions, demography, and economic growth Dennison, T. and Ogilvie, S. Journal of Economic History [2016]
Networks and misallocation: insurance, migration, and the rural-urban wage gap Munshi, K. and Rosenzweig, M. American Economic Review [2016]
Explaining the gender wage gap: estimates from a dynamic model of job changes and hours changes Liu, K. Quantitative Economics [2016]
Occupational structure in the Czech lands under the Second Serfdom Klein, C. and Ogilvie, S. Economic History Review [2016]
Regulated competition under increasing returns to scale Greve, T. and Keiding, H. Journal of Public Economic Theory [2016]
Semiparametric dynamic portfolio choice with multiple conditioning variables Chen, J., Degui, L., Linton, O. and Lu, Z. Journal of Econometrics [2016]
Social positioning and the nature of money Lawson, T. Cambridge Journal of Economics [2016]
Whatever it takes to win: rivalry increases unethical behavior Kilduff, G., Galinksy, A., Gallo, Edoardo and Reade, J. Academy of Management Journal [2016]
Wealth, health, and child development: evidence from administrative data on Swedish lottery players Cesarani, D., Lindqvist, E., Ostling, R. and Wallace, B. Quarterly Journal of Economics [2016]
The output cost of gender discrimination: a model-based macroeconomics estimate Cavalcanti, T.V.D. and Tavares, J. Economic Journal [2016]
The new economics of religion Iyer, S. Journal of Economic Literature [2016]
Does the social cost of carbon matter? Ritz, R. and Hahn, R. Journal of Legal Studies [2016]
The democratic window of opportunity: evidence from riots in sub-Saharan Africa Aidt, T.S. and Leon,G.J. Journal of Conflict Resolution [2016]