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Doppelhofer, G. and Weeks, M.

Jointness of growth determinants

Journal of Applied Econometrics. reply to comments by Rodney Strachan, Eduardo Ley and Mark F.J. Steel

Abstract: This comment contrasts the jointness statistics proposed by Doppelhofer and Weeks (2009) with alternatives proposed by Strachan (2009) and Ley and Steel (2007). In contrast to the alternatives, our jointness statistic constitutes a formal test for dependence over the joint posterior distribution. The essential difference between our proposed measure and the alternatives is that our jointness measures uses the entire joint posterior distribution. We discuss differences in jointness, as well as inclusion and exclusion margins of the joint posterior distribution, and the impact on economic significance using the numerical examples given by Strachan (2009) and Ley and Steel (2009).

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