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Faculty of Economics

Seminars and Events
Marshall Lectures
Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture


23 May

SaM Annual Conference
Jesus College

04 May

Faculty Seminars

Alex Kohlhas
(Stockholm University)
'Rational Over/Underresponse: A Unified Framework'
Tuesday 20th February 2018 4:00pm
Meade Room,

Barbara Petrongolo
(London School of Economics)
'Economic incentives, home production and gender norms (joint with A Ichino, M Olsson and P Skogman-Thoursie)'
Tuesday 20th February 2018 1:00pm
Meade Room,

Kevin Sheppard
(University of Oxford)
'Direct volatility modeling at multiple horizons'
Wednesday 21st February 2018 2:00pm
Keynes Room,