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Faculty of Economics


2022-2023 John Moore Funding Horizons | Videos and Slides
2021-2022 Ariel Rubinstein Economics without prices and without games | Videos and Slides
2019-2020 Paul Milgrom Market Design When Resource Allocation is NP-Hard | Videos and Slides
2018-2019 Robert Shiller Economic Narratives: How Bimetallism and Bitcoin Went Viral | Videos and Slides | Photographs
2017-2018 Caroline Hoxby Taking Productivity in Education Seriously | Videos and Slides
2016-2017 Thomas Piketty Reflections about inequality and capital in the 21st century | Videos and Slides
2015-2016 Raghuram Rajan Why have banks? and Banks, Policy Intervention and Crises | Videos, Slides and Readings 
2014-2015 Raj Chetty Improving Equality of Opportunity: New Evidence and Policy Lessons | Videos and Slides | Questions and Readings
2013-2014 Alvin Roth Matching Markets and Market Design | Videos, Slides and Suggested Readings
2012-2013 Esther Duflo Paternalism, Freedom, and Hope in the Fight Against Poverty | Slides 1 | Slides 2 | Lecture 1 Video | Lecture 2 Video | Questions & Answers Video
2011-2012 Peter Diamond Time Matters | Slides 1 | Slides 2 | Lecture 1 Video | Lecture 2 Video | Questions and Answers Video
2010-2011 James Heckman The Economics and Psychology of Human Development and Inequality | Slides 1 | Slides 2 | Lecture 1 Video | Lecture 2 Video | Questions and Answers Video | Photos
2009-2010 Drew Fudenberg Learning and Equilibrium in Games | Readings | Slides 1 | Slides 2 | Lecture 1 video | Lecture 2 video | Lecture 1 audio | Lecture 2 audio | Photos
2008-2009 Daron Acemoglu Persistence and Change in Institutions | Readings | Lecture 1 | Lecture 2
2007-2008 Justin Yifu Lin Development Strategy, Institutions and Economic Performance in Less Developed Countries
2006-2007 Eric Maskin Is Majority Rule the Best Election Method?
2005-2006 Olivier J Blanchard Unemployment and Labour Market Institutions
2004-2005 Daniel Kahneman Psychology and the Rationality Assumption/Towards a Science of Wellbeing
2003-2004 Ariel Pakes Models of Markets (for applied analysis) | Lecture 1 | Lecture 2
2002-2003 Jean Tirole International Financial Crises | Reading 1 | Reading 2 | Reading 3
2001-2002 Claudia Goldin An Evolving Force: Women in the US Economy Historically Considered | Lecture 1 | Lecture 2
2000-2001 John Campbell Understanding Risk and Return | PDF version
1999-2000 David Card Work Incentives and Welfare Reform | PDF version
1998-1999 Robert D Putnam Social Capital: The Promise and Perils of Interdisciplinary Social Research
1997-1998 Clive Granger Empirical Models in Economics - Their Specification and Evaluation
1996-1997 Thomas Sargent The Evolution of Price Stability
1995-1996 Joseph Stiglitz A Theorist's View of Policymaking and a Policymaker's View of Theory: Perspectives on Modern Macroeconomics
1994-1995 Alan Blinder Central Banking in Theory and Practice
1993-1994 Angus S Deaton Inequality, Saving and Development
1992-1993 David F Hendry Economic Forecasting
1991-1992 Paul A David Path Dependence - The Past and the Future of Economics
1990-1991 Lester C Thurow Producer Economics: Competition in a World Economy where Economic Goals Extend beyond Consumption and Leisure
1989-1990 Roy Radner Hierarchy: The Economics of Managing
1988-1989 S Chakravarty Development Economics, Past and Present
1987-1988 Amartya K Sen Social Rationality
1986-1987 Lance Taylor Varieties of Monetary Experience
1985-1986 C P Kindleberger International Capital Movements
1984-1985 Robert E Lucas On the Mechanics of Economic Development
1983-1984 S A Marglin Growth, Distribution and Inflation: A Centennial Synthesis
1982-1983 F Modigliani Effects of Fiscal Policy - A Life Cycle Perspective
1981-1982 R Miliband Class Conflict Revisited
1980-1981 M Morishima Ideology and Economy
1979-1980 E J Hobsbawm Historians and Economists
1978-1979 E Mandel The Long Waves of Capitalist Development: a Marxist View
1977-1978 E Malinvaud Macroeconomic Policies and their Medium-term Consequences
1976-1977 J G Gurley The Dialectics of Development: USSR against China
1975-1976 Ota Sik Connection Between Plan and Market in Socialist Economy
1974-1975 A Leijonhufvud Marshall's Method and Present-Day Neoclassical Theory
1973-1974 R A Mundell Macro-Economic Management of the World Economy: Theory of Structure
1972-1973 Maurice Dobb Ideology and Economic Theory in the Nineteenth Century
1971-1972 Roy Harrod The International Monetary System
1970-1971 Paul M Sweezy On the theory of Monopoly Capitalism
1969-1970 Kenneth J Arrow Economic Theory and Racial Discrimination
1968-1969 Simon Kuznets Economic Growth of Nations. Past Patterns and Present Problems
1967-1968 Clark Kerr Marshall, Marx and the Working Class
1966-1967 Raymond Aaron When Economists and Sociologists Meet the Idea of Development
1965-1966 E A G Robinson The Beginning of Economic Planning in the United Kingdom
1964-1965 Raul Prebisch Trade and Development and the Impact of the Technological Revolution
1963-1964 Robert M Solow Effective Demand and Capital Theory
1962-1963 Trevor Swan Capital and the Crisis of Progress
1961-1962 E H Phelps Brown Collective Bargaining
1960-1961 D Robertson Growth, Wages, Money
1959-1960 J H Habakkuk  
1958-1959 Erik Lundberg The Profitability of Investment
1957-1958 W Fellner Say's Law and Innovations in the Theory of Employment and Growth
1956-1957 R Marjolin  
1955-1956 W T Easterbrook  
1954-1955 J Hicks  
1953-1954 Talcott Parsons The Integration of Economic and Sociological Theory
1952-1953 A C Pigou Alfred Marshall and Current Thought
1951-1952 J Tinbergen  
1950-1951 G Mydral  
1949-1950 W  K Hancock Wealth of Colonies
1948-1949 R V N Hopkins  
1947-1948 Lionel C Robbins The Economic Problem in Peace and War: Some Reflections on Objectives and Mechanisms
1946-1947 J Viner  
1938-1939 Paul Van Zeeland Economics or Politics?
1937-1938 Ralph Hawtrey A Century of Bank Rate
1933-1934 Douglas B. Copland Australia in the World Crisis, 1929-1933