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Faculty of Economics

2018-19 Marshall Lecture by Professor Robert Shiller

Robert Shiller

Robert Shiller is the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economics. He is the Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University, and Professor of Finance and Fellow at the International Center for Finance, Yale School of Management. He has written widely on financial markets, behavioral economics, macroeconomics, and on public attitudes, opinions, and moral judgments regarding markets. His views gained wide notice in spring 2000 with his perfectly timed prediction that the stock market would prove to be greatly overvalued. His latest work is a catalog of new financial instruments to reduce risk without reducing efficiency.


Professor Robert Shiller (Yale) gave two lectures on,

"Economic Narratives: How Bimetallism and Bitcoin Went Viral"


Lecture 1
"Macroeconomics and the History of Popular Economic Thought"

Lecture 2
"Bimetallism, Bitcoin, Marx, Keynes, and Other Examples."


(You can also watch these videos on the University SMS site)

Photographs from the Lecture

Professor Robert Shiller gave his presidential address before the
American Economic Association in January 2017 entitled "Narrative Economics".
This was published in the American Economic Review in April 2017

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