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Faculty of Economics

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Title Authors CWPE Number Year
Superstar Teams: The Micro Origins and Macro Implications of Coworker ComplementaritiesFreund, L. B. CWPE2276 [2022]
Inequality and Business CyclesBilbiie, F., Primiceri, G. E., Tambalotti, A. CWPE2275 [2022]
Optimal Self-Screening and the Persistence of Identity-Driven ChoicesLiqui-Lung, C. W. CWPE2274 [2022]
Estimating Time-Varying Networks for High-Dimensional Time SeriesChen, J., Li, D., Li, Y., Linton, O. B. CWPE2273 [2022]
We do not know the Population of Every Country in the World for the Past Two Thousand Years Guinnane, T. W. CWPE2272 [2022]
Persistence and Historical Evidence: The Example of the Rise of the Nazi PartyGuinnane, T. W., Hoffman, P.CWPE2271 [2022]
Beliefs About Maternal Labor SupplyBoneva, T., Golin, M., Kaufmann, K., Rauh, C. CWPE2270 [2022]
The Impact of Fear of AutomationGolin, M., Rauh, C. CWPE2269 [2022]
A City of God: Afterlife Beliefs and Job Support in BrazilCavalcanti, T., Iyer, S., Rauh, C., Roerig, C. and Vaziri, M.CWPE2268 [2022]
Is Southeast Asia falling into a Latin American style “middle-income trap”?Palma, J. G., Pincus, J.CWPE2267 [2022]
Auditing the Auditors: An evaluation of the REF2021 Output ResultsLinton, O. B., Xu, E. CWPE2266 [2022]
Distributional Effects of Local Minimum Wages: A Spatial Job Search ApproachTodd, P., Zhang, W.CWPE2265 [2022]
Political markets as equity price factorsAuld, T.CWPE2264 [2022]
Betting and financial markets are cointegrated on election nightAuld, T.CWPE2263 [2022]
Is Affirmative Action in Employment Still Effective in the 21st Century?Amano-Patiño, N., Aramburu, J., Contractor, Z.CWPE2262 [2022]
Building Bridges to Peace: A Quantitative Evaluation of Power-Sharing AgreementsMueller, H., Rauh, C. CWPE2261 [2022]
Do consumption-based asset pricing models explain the dynamics of stock market returns?Ashby, M., Linton, O. B. CWPE2259 [2022]
Digital Gold? Pricing, Inequality and Participation in Data MarketsCharlson, G. CWPE2258 [2022]
Rank vs Money: Evidence from ManagersRaymond, C., Shvets, .J.CWPE2256 [2022]
Green growth and net zero policy in the UK: some conceptual and measurement issues.Ajayi, V., Pollitt, M.CWPE2255 [2022]
Changing times: Incentive regulation, corporate reorganisations, and productivity in the Great Britain’s gas networks.Ajayi, V., Pollitt, M.CWPE2254 [2022]
Defining gas price limits and gas saving targets for a large-scale gas supply interruptionNeuhoff, K.CWPE2253 [2022]
The Hidden Toll of the Pandemic: Excess Mortality in non-COVID-19 Hospital PatientsFetzer, T., Rauh, C., Schreiner, C.CWPE2252 [2022]
The Risk-Premium Channel of Uncertainty: Implications for Unemployment and InflationFreund, L. B., Lee, H., Rendahl, P. CWPE2251 [2022]
The Emergence of EnforcementAnderlini, L., Felli, L., Piccone, M. CWPE2250 [2022]
How should we fund end-of-life care in the USA?Arapakis, K., French, E., Jones, J., McCauley, J.CWPE2249 [2022]
Labor Supply and the Pension Contribution-Benefit LinkFrench, E., Lindner, A., O'Dea, C., Zawisza, T.CWPE2248 [2022]
Measuring the effects of power system reform in Jiangsu province, China from the perspective of Social Cost Benefit AnalysisLi, T., Gao, C., Pollitt, M., Chen, T., Ming H.CWPE2247 [2022]
Economic Theory and Policy Today: Lessons from Barbara Wootton and the Creation of the British Welfare StateAlves, C., Guizzo, D.CWPE2246 [2022]
GMM Estimation for High–Dimensional Panel Data ModelsCheng, T., Dong, C., Gao, J., Linton, O. CWPE2245 [2022]
National Accounts in a World of Naturally Occurring Data: A Proof of Concept for ConsumptionBuda, G., Carvalho, V. M., Hansen, S., Mora, J. V. R., Ortiz, Á., Rodrigo, T. CWPE2244 [2022]
Antitrust Law and Business DynamismVaziri, M.CWPE2243 [2022]
CCE Estimation of High-Dimensional Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed EffectsVogt, M., Walsh, C., Linton, O.CWPE2242 [2022]
Competitiveness, 'Superstar' Firms and Capital FlowsSmitkova, L.CWPE2241 [2022]
The Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade AgreementsCrowley, M. A., Han, L., Prayer, T.CWPE2240 [2022]
A Nonparametric Panel Model for Climate Data with Seasonal and Spatial VariationGao, J., Linton, O., Peng, B.CWPE2239 [2022]
Inferring the Performance Diversity Trade-Off in University Admissions: Evidence from CambridgeBhattacharya, D., Shvets, J.CWPE2238 [2022]
A Structural Dynamic Factor Model for Daily Global Stock Market ReturnsLinton, O. B., Tang, H., Wu, J.CWPE2237 [2022]
Dynamic Early Warning and Action ModelMueller, H., Rauh, C., Ruggieri, A.CWPE2236 [2022]
Learning in Canonical NetworksChoi, S., Goyal, S., Moisan, F., To, Y. Y. T.CWPE2235 [2022]
Carbon pricing and industrial competitiveness: Border adjustment or free allocation?Ritz, R.CWPE2234 [2022]
Third-Party Sale of InformationEvans, R., Park, I-U.CWPE2233 [2022]
The Origins of Elite Persistence: Evidence from Political Purges in post-World War II FranceAidt, T., Lacroix, J., Meon, P-G.CWPE2232 [2022]
Perceived Returns to Job SearchAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.CWPE2231 [2022]
Social Distancing, Vaccination and Evolution of COVID-19 Transmission Rates in EuropeChudik, A., Pesaran, M. H., Rebucci, A.CWPE2230 [2022]
On dividends and market valuations of Australia’s listed electricity utilities: regulated vs. merchantSimshauser, P.CWPE2229 [2022]
Identification and Estimation of Categorical Random Coeficient ModelsGao, Z., Pesaran, M. H.CWPE2228 [2022]
Do Labels Polarise? Theory and Evidence from the Brexit ReferendumLee, S-M., Savu, A.CWPE2227 [2022]
Joan Robinson in 1942, an encounter between Marxian Economics and MacroeconomicsAlves, C.CWPE2226 [2022]
A Spatiotemporal Equilibrium Model of Migration and Housing InterlinkagesCun, W., Pesaran, M. H.CWPE2225 [2022]
Causal effects of the Fed's large-scale asset purchases on firms' capital structureNocera, A., Pesaran, M. H.CWPE2224 [2022]
Modelling future trends of annual embodied energy of urban residential building stock in ChinaZhou, W., Moncaster, A., O’Neill, E., Reiner, D., Wang, X., Guthrie, P.CWPE2223 [2022]
When is a Contrarian Adviser Optimal?Evans, R. A., Reiche, S. K.CWPE2222 [2022]
Optimal Nonlinear Savings TaxationBrendon, C.CWPE2221 [2022]
Using Past Violence and Current News to Predict Changes in ViolenceMueller, H., Rauh, C. CWPE2220 [2022]
Forecasting with panel data: estimation uncertainty versus parameter heterogeneityPesaran, M. H., Pick, A., Timmermann, A.CWPE2219 [2022]
Nonparametric Estimation of Large Spot Volatility Matrices for High-Frequency Financial DataBu, R., Li, D., Linton, O., Wang, H. CWPE2218 [2022]
Citations, funding and influence in Energy-Policy research on Developing EconomiesAli, M., Couto, L. C., Unsworth, S. and Debnath, R. CWPE2216 [2022]
Revisiting the Great Ratios HypothesisChudik, A., Pesaran, M. H. and Smith, R. P.CWPE2215 [2022]
Dynamic Autoregressive Liquidity (DArLiQ)Hafner, C. M., Linton, O. B. and Wang, L. CWPE2214 [2022]
Self-Confidence and Motivated Memory Loss: Evidence from SchoolsRoy-Chowdhury, V.CWPE2213 [2022]
Wind, water and wires: evaluating joint wind and interconnector capacity expansions in hydro-rich regionsNewbery, D.CWPE2212 [2022]
Financialisation as a (it’s-not-meant-to-make-sense) gigantic global joke On how easy rents lead to lazy elites (and a ‘latinoamericanised’ West); on perpetual manias; on how theory and policy confuse ‘means’ with ‘ends’; and on emerging countries as “financial markets of last resortPalma, J. G.CWPE2211 [2022]
The case of 100% electrification of domestic heat in Great BritainCharitopoulos, V., Fajardy, M., Chyong, C K., Reiner, D.CWPE2210 [2022]
How to distinguish climate sceptics, antivaxxers, and persistent sceptics: Evidence from a multi-country survey of public attitudesClulow, Z. and Reiner, D. M.CWPE2209 [2022]
How do transfers and universal basic income impact the labor market and inequality?Rauh, C. and Santos, M. R. CWPE2208 [2022]
Pandemic pressures and public health care: evidence from EnglandFetzer, T. and Rauh, C. CWPE2207 [2022]
Renewable entry costs, project finance and the role of revenue quality in Australia’s National Electricity MarketGohdes, N. and Simshauser, P.CWPE2206 [2022]
Climate Change and Economic Activity: Evidence from U.S. StatesMohaddes, K., Ng, R. N. C., Pesaran, M. H., Raissi, M. and Yang, J-C. CWPE2205 [2022]
In platforms we trust: misinformation on social networks in the presence of social mistrustCharlson, G. CWPE2204 [2022]
The Levelised Cost of Frequency Control Ancillary Services in Australia’s National Electricity MarketGilmore, J., Nolan, T. and Simshauser, P.CWPE2203 [2022]
People-centric Emission Reduction in Buildings: A Data-driven and Network Topology-based InvestigationDebnath, R., Bardhan, R., Mohaddes, K., Shah, D. U., Ramage, M. H. and Alvarez, R. M. CWPE2202 [2022]
Where next for the electricity distribution system operator? Evidence from a survey of European DSOs and National Regulatory AuthoritiesAnaya, K. L., Giulietti, M. and Pollitt, M. G.CWPE2201 [2022]

Recent Publications

Huffman, D., Raymond, C. and Shvets, J. Persistent Overconfidence and Biased Memory: Evidence from Managers American Economic Review [2022]

Elliott, M., Golub, B. and Leduc, M. V. Supply Network Formation and Fragility American Economic Review [2022]

Chen, J., Elliott, M. and Koh, A. Capability Accumulation and Conglomeratization in the Information Age Journal of Economic Theory [2023]

Ajzenman, N., Cavalcanti, T. and Da Mata, D More than Words: Leaders' Speech and Risky Behavior During a Pandemic American Economic Journal: Economic Policy [2023]