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Alumni Newsletter November 2023
Contents Includes:
  • Oliver Linton: new Chair for Economics
  • Neuroeconomics: The new frontier of economic research
  • Sir Austin Robinson: pilot and economist
  • Alumnus Nicholas Crafts passes away
  • Featured research
  • Faculty news in brief
Alumni Newsletter June 2023
Contents Includes:
  • Jagjit Chandha: What next for the UK economy?
  • Neuroeconomics: Smart drugs can decrease motivation
  • Faculty launches MPhil in Economics and Data Science
  • Professor Tony Cockerill
  • Featured research
  • Faculty news in brief
Alumni Newsletter March 2023
Contents Includes:
  • Celebrating Sir Partha Dasgupta
  • Remembering Professor Luigi Pasinetti
  • BBC Radio 4: Why understanding the economy is important
  • Marshall Lecture: Economics without prices and without games
  • Featured research
  • Faculty news in brief
Alumni Newsletter December 2022
Contents Includes:
  • Cambridge Connections: Charlie Nunn – a lifetime in banking
  • The unexpected benefits of funding a PhD
  • The Keynes Fund: Research Day celebrating 10 years
  • Featured research
  • Faculty news in brief
Alumni Newsletter June 2022
Contents Includes:
  • Drip down economics: Phillips Machine shows capital flows
  • Webinar: Investment in a changing world
  • Marshall Lecture: Economics without prices and without games
  • Featured research
  • Faculty news in brief
Alumni Newsletter March 2022
Contents Includes:
  • The Keynes Lecture 2022 by Prof. Hélène Rey
  • Webinar: The power of information and its limits
  • Remembering Geoff Harcourt: author of the Cambridge Controversies
  • Featured research
  • Faculty news in brief
Alumni Newsletter December 2021
Contents Includes:
  • New Janeway Institute to transform economic research
  • Vasco Carvalho: Where now for Economics?
  • Webinar: Exploring the Impact of Income and Political Inequality
  • COVID: The value of sick pay: older workers and women often get less
  • Featured research
Alumni Newsletter June 2021
Contents Includes:
  • COVID-19: how the Faculty researched the pandemic in real time
  • Vasco Carvalho: Reflecting on the success of Cambridge-INET
  • Webinar: Economic analysis of student admissions
  • Predicting when conflict breaks out
  • Econometrics: Predicting epidemic trajectories
Alumni Newsletter March 2021
Contents Includes:
  • The Keynes Fund: research into an inefficient market
  • Petra Geraats: why communications should be transparent
  • Webinar: The economics of a post-Brexit UK
  • COVID: why we can’t cash in early
  • Dasgupta Review: call to transform economics to halt natural world destruction
Contents Includes:
  • Leonardo Felli: The Faculty addresses Brexit, post-COVID challenges and diversity
  • Testing times: assessments and teaching in the time of COVID
  • Alumni webinar: Gender and Economics
  • COVID-19: a long global recession?
  • Nobel prize for economist who gave Marshall Lecture
Contents Includes:
  • Professor Sanjeev Goyal
  • The Education Production Function: A Brain Teaser
  • The Narrow Corridor to Liberty
  • Morality and the Market
  • GDP – Grossly Distorted Picture?
  • Better Economics Teaching? CORE!
  • The Digital Revolution and the State: The Great Reversal
Contents Includes:
  • Getting Down to Business
  • The Economics of Self-Harm
  • Where Economists Went Wrong on Brexit
  • Reflections on inequality and capital in the 21st Century
  • Culture, Politics and Economics
  • Making Sense of Religion
  • Supply Chain Disruptions
Contents Includes:
  • Representing Business Operating in Britain - Carolyn Fairbairn
  • Alumnus Angus Deaton Awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics
  • The Benefaction of the El-Erian Institute
  • Women Wanted - Victoria Bateman
  • Informative Social Interactions - Chryssi Giannitsarou
Contents Includes:
  • Shaping the Faculty’s Future
  • Communities of co-operators
  • Saving on a Rainy Day - Hamish Low
  • A gathering of distinguished South Cambridge-INET Asian alumni
  • The Challenge of Secular Stagnation - Coen Teulings
Contents Includes:
  • Distinguished Alumnus Profile - Martin Weale
  • Distinguished Alumnus Profile - Sharon White
  • Prof. Richard Smith Ends Term as Chair of the Faculty of Economics
  • The Cambridge-INET Institute
  • The Keynes Fund
Contents Includes:
  • Adair Turner: After the Deluge
  • Profile: Oliver Linton
  • INET Centre and Keynes Fund
  • Conference on the Economics of Religion
  • Thoughts on the direction of economics research - Paul Seabright
Contents Includes:
  • Royal Economic Society Conference
  • Applied Economics
  • Robert Chote and the Dog that Barks (sometimes)
  • Profile: Hashem Pesaran
  • Profile: Willy Brown
  • The Marshall Lectures
  • Richard Stone Lecture
Contents Includes:
  • Clare Spottiswoode CBE The Swing of the Pendulum
  • My Cambridge in the 60s and 70s - Angus Deaton
  • Ken Arrow, James Meade and the Secret Seminar
  • Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture
  • Profile: Giancarlo Corsetti
Contents Includes:
  • Meet Alan Beattie: Dateline Washington DC
  • Sir Richard Stone Annual Lecture
  • Economic History Prize
  • The Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences - William Janeway
  • The 19th Silvaplana Workshop in Political Economy
Contents Includes:
  • Vince Cable - An Economist in Politics
  • Incentives to borrow are what matter - Martin Weale
  • A Graduate Training Experience - Colin Rowat
  • My First Time at Cambridge - Eric Maskin
  • Graduate Student Conference
  • Geoff Harcourt on Cambridge Economics’ First Century
Contents Includes:
  • Mervyn King’s View of Modern Economics
  • Cambridge Students win Econometric Game
  • Listing everything, even the kitchen sink - Sheilagh Ogilvie
  • Innovation and the Resilience of Religion - Sriya Iyer
  • The Marshall Lectures 2007, Professor Justin Yifu Lin

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