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Political Processes: Rent-seeking, Lobbying, Elections, Legislatures, and Voting Behavior

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
The Dynamics of Social Identity, Inequality and RedistributionGhiglino, C., Müller, A.[2023]D64 D71 D72 H20
Persistence and Historical Evidence: The Example of the Rise of the Nazi PartyGuinnane, T. W., Hoffman, P.[2022]C18 D71 D72 D85 D91 L14 N01 N13 N14 Z10 Z12
Political markets as equity price factorsAuld, T.[2022]C38 C51 D72 G12 G14 G15
Betting and financial markets are cointegrated on election nightAuld, T.[2022]C51 D72 G12 G14 G15
Do Labels Polarise? Theory and Evidence from the Brexit ReferendumLee, S-M., Savu, A.[2022]D71 D72
Political Ideology and Public Views of the Energy Transition in Australia and the UKClulow, Z., Ferguson, M., Ashworth, P. and Reiner, D.[2021]D72 P18 Q42 Q48
Reverse Political Coattails under a Technocratic Government: New Evidence on the National Electoral Benefits of Local Party IncumbencySavu, A.[2021]D72 D73 H50 H72 H77
The Local Political Economy of Austerity: Lessons from Hospital Closures in RomaniaSavu, A.[2021]D72 D73 D78 H71 H72 H74 H76 H77
Social networks, confirmation bias and shock electionsGallo, E. and Langtry, A.[2020]C63 D72 D83 D85 D91 L15
Regional Heterogeneity and U.S. Presidential ElectionsAhmed, R. and Pesaran, M. H.[2020]C53 C55 D72
Passing on the Baton: Positive Spillovers from the Olympics to Female Representation in US PoliticsLee, S-M.[2020]D72 D91 J16
Franchise extension and fiscal structure in the United Kingdom 1820-1913: A new test of the Redistribution HypothesisAidt, T., Winer, S., Zhang, P.[2020]D72
The Three Meaningful Votes: Voting on Brexit in the British House of CommonsAidt, T., Grey, F., Savu, A.[2019]D72
The Rise of the “No Party” in EnglandAidt, T., Rauh, C.[2019]D72
Foreign in influence and domestic policy: A surveyAidt, T. S., Albornoz, F. and Hauk, E.[2019]D70 D72 D74 F13 F23 F51 F53
Capacity vs Energy Subsidies for Renewables: Benefits and Costs for the 2030 EU Power MarketÖzdemir, Ö., Hobbs, B., van Hout, M., Koutstaal, P.[2019]D70 D72 D74 F13 F23 F51 F53
The Social Dynamics of Collective Action: Evidence from the Captain Swing Riots, 1830-31Aidt, T. S., Leon, G. and Satchell, M.[2017]D72 D74 O16
The Big Five personality traits and partisanship in EnglandAidt, T. S. and Rauh, C.[2017]D72
Corporate lobbying for environmental protectionGrey, F.[2017]D72 H23 Q58
Shades of red and blue: Political ideology and sustainable developmentAidt, T. S., Castro, V. and Martins, R.[2016]C23 D72 I31 O15
Rent seeking and the economics of corruptionAidt, T. S.[2016]D72
Religious Riots and Electoral Politics in IndiaIyer, S. and Shrivastava, A.[2015]D72 D74 Z12
To Ban or Not to Ban: Foreign Lobbying and Cross National ExternalitiesAidt, T. S. and Hwang, U.[2014]D62 D72
Why High Human Capital Makes Good Revolutionaries: The Role of the Middle Classes in DemocratisationToscani, F.[2013]D72 D74 J24 P16 H10
The Golden Hello and Political TransitionsAidt, T. S., Abornoz, F. and Gassebner, M.[2012]O19 D72 F59 F53
Loyalty for Sale? Military Spending and Coups d'EtatLeon, G.[2012]H56 N40 D72 O17
Knowledge is power: A theory of information, income and welfare spendingLind, J. T. and Rohner, D.[2011]D31 D72 D82 H53
Distributive Politics and Electoral Incentives: Evidence from Seven US State LegislaturesAidt, T. S. and Shvets, J.[2011]D72
Group Decision-Making: An Economic Analysis of Social Influence and Individual Difference in Experimental JuriesParkinson, S. and Baddeley, M.[2011]C92 D03 D72 D81
Political competition and Mirrleesian income taxation: A first passBierbrauer, F. J. and Boyer, P. C.[2011]C72 D72 H21
Rationalising 'Irrational' Support for Political ViolenceJennings, C.[2011]D72 D74
Corruption and Sustainable DevelopmentAidt, T. S.[2010]D72 D78
Fiscal Federalism and Electoral AccountabilityAidt, T. S.. and Dutta, J.[2010]D72 D78 H41

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