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Faculty of Economics


International Lending and Debt Problems

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
The Theory of Reserve Accumulation, Revisited Corsetti, G., Maeng, S. H.[2023]E43 E62 F34 H50 H63
Debt Seniority and Sovereign Debt CrisesAri, A., Corsetti, G. and Dedola, L.[2018]F34 G12 H63
Official Sector Lending Strategies During the Euro Area CrisisCorsetti, G., Erce, A. and Uy, T.[2017]F33 F34 F45 H12
Sovereign Risk and Bank Risk-TakingAri, A.[2016]E44 E58 F34 G21 H63
Is There a Debt-threshold Effect on Output Growth?Chudik, A., Mohaddes, K., Pesaran, M. H. and Raissi, M.[2015]C23 E62 F34 H60
Debt, Inflation and Growth: Robust Estimation of Long-Run Effects in Dynamic Panel Data ModelsChudik, A., Mohaddes, K., Pesaran, M. H. and Raissi, M.[2013]C23 E62 F34 H6

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