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Faculty of Economics


Innovation; Research and Development; Technological Change; Intellectual Property Rights: General

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
Supply-Side crediting for accelerated decarbonization: A political economy perspectiveMehling, M. A.[2023]H23 O30 P18 Q54
Supply-Side Crediting to Manage Climate Policy Spillover EffectsMehling, M. A.[2023]H23 K33 O30 Q54
Air Pollution and Firm-Level Human Capital, Knowledge and InnovationCavalcanti, T., Mohaddes, K., Nian, H., Yin, H. [2023]O15 O30 O44 Q51 Q56
Venture Capital Booms and Startup FinancingJaneway, W. H., Nanda, R. and Rhodes-Kropf, M. [2021]G24 L26 M13 O30
Bank Default Risk Propagation along Supply Chains: Evidence from the U.K.Spatareanu, M., Manole, V., Kabiri, A. and Roland, I.[2020]G21 G34 O16 O30
Gender & CollaborationDuctor, L, Goyal, S. and Prummer, A.[2018]D80 D85 J70 J16 O30
Investment in Productivity and the Long-Run Effect of Financial Crises on OutputDe Ridder, M.[2016]E32 E44 O30 O47
The Multiple Impacts of the Exchange Rate on Export Diversification Goya, D.[2014]F14 F40 O30
Strategies for Financing Large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage Power Plants in ChinaLiang, X., Liu, H. and Reiner, D.[2014]Q40 Q42 O30 O13 P48

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