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Faculty of Economics


Cultural Economics; Economic Sociology; Economic Anthropology: General

Title AuthorsYearJEL Codes
MoviesMichalopoulos, S., Rauh, C. [2024]N00 O10 P00 Z10 Z11
Persistence and Historical Evidence: The Example of the Rise of the Nazi PartyGuinnane, T. W., Hoffman, P.[2022]C18 D71 D72 D85 D91 L14 N01 N13 N14 Z10 Z12
Culture and Colonial Legacy: Evidence from Public Goods Games Chaudhary, L., Rubin, J., Iyer, S. and Shrivastava, A.[2018]C91 C93 C71 H41 H73 N35 N45 O17 Z10

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