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Faculty of Economics

New Staff - Michaelmas 2010

We are pleased to welcome the following people to the Faculty, from the Michaelmas Term 2010.

Professor of Macroeconomics

Giancarlo Corsetti (Ph.D: Yale, 1992) currently at the EUI (Florence). 

International Macroeconomics and Finance.

University Reader

Alexei Onatski (Ph.D: Harvard, 2001) is currently at Columbia University. 


University Lecturers

Aytek Erdil  (Ph.D: Chicago, 2006) is currently at Nuffield College, Oxford. 


Elisa Faraglia (Ph.D: NYU, 2005) is currently at the London Business School.


Christoph Vanberg (Ph.D: Cornell, 2005) is currently at the University of Heidelberg. 

Experimental Economics and Political Economy.

Giammario Impullitti  (Ph.D: NSU, 2006) is currently at IMT Lucca. 

International Trade, Macroeconomics and Industrial Organisation.

Robert Ritz  (D.Phil: Oxford, 2008)  is currently at St.Hugh's College, Oxford. 

Environmental Economics, Industrial Organisation and Applied Microeconomics.

Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions

Gary Libecap (Ph.D: Pennsylvania) currently at University of California. 

Corporate Environmental Management.

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