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Faculty of Economics

A senior University of Cambridge academic has contributed to a report for the Government Office for Science on Rebuilding a Resilient Britain: Trade and Aid.


Dr Meredith Crowley

The report is part of the Government Office for Science Areas of Research Interest fellowships.

Dr Meredith Crowley, a Reader in International Economics at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of St. John's College was part of a working group which produced a report, identifying existing evidence, and gaps in the evidence base.

Dr Crowley said “I was delighted to be part of this project, which highlights the need for understanding these multi-faceted and interlocking impacts, and how they are repatterning global supply chains and trade.”

The Rebuilding a Resilient Britain programme was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, to address aspects of Britain's recovery from the pandemic over the medium-to long-term. The research points to impacts from Covid-19 for:

Rebuilding a Resilient Britain: Trade and Aid

  • Workers: supply chain workers are experiencing heightening food insecurity, wage compression, and mass layoffs.

  • Wealth inequality: there is early evidence that these trends are increasing wealth inequality between executives and workforces.

  • UK firms: may experience insecure supply and medium-term shortages.

  • UK consumers: may experience shortages and insecure supply of certain goods.

The full report is available at:

Dr Crowley’s contribution to Rebuilding a Resilient Britain is available at:








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