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Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics and the University of Cambridge is saddened to announce that a former member of the Faculty, Professor Jayasri Dutta, has passed away at the age of 68.


Professor Jayasri Dutta

Professor Jayasri Dutta joined the faculty in 1991 as assistant director of research, before moving on in 2000 to take up a chair at the Department of Economics at the University of Birmingham.

During the same period, she was a fellow and Director of Studies at Churchill College.

The Faculty of Economics Keynes Fund Director Toke Aidt, who knew her well, says “Jayasri was an intellectual powerhouse, a fine mind with an extraordinary good sense of what constitutes an interesting research question.”

“I remember her as being full of energy, a focal point of the Faculty throughout the 1990s and very generous with her time, in particular towards younger colleagues, myself included.”

Academically active into her later years, her publications included papers on The Euro-changeover and Euro-inflation: Evidence from EuroStat's HICP and Electoral Uncertainty and Public Goods.

She was also a co-author with Dr Aidt of the working paper "A Theory of the Corrupt Keynesian".

Professor Emeritus of Economics Sir Partha Dasgupta remembers her well, and says “Jayasri was one of the most engaged colleagues I have ever had. She had strong, always sensible views, and unwavering intellectual probity. During my term as Faculty Chair, I relied on her entirely in my attempts to improve the quality of our syllabus and Faculty appointments. Her departure for Birmingham was a great loss to Cambridge.”






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