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Faculty of Economics

We are seeking to hire a Research Assistant to help with a project that designs and implements an innovative teaching and learning methodology for the Economics Tripos. The project is funded by the Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund of the University of Cambridge. The work will involve working with Dr Oleg Kitov, Dr Vasileios Kotsidis and Dr Toke Aidt and include, but not to be limited to the following tasks: 


  1. Assisting with the provision of feedback on essays in one or more of the following Tripos papers: Microeconomics, Paper 1, Part 2B; Macroeconomics, Paper 2, Part 2B and Political Economics, Paper 5, Part 2B. The work will depend on the expertise of the applicant. 
  1. Administrative work (database maintenance, data processing). 
  1. Quality control of mathematical and econometrics questions. 
  1. Research on student outcomes (helping with a survey). 


The RA will be hired through Temporary Employment Service and the hourly wage is GBP14.01 and the budget allows for up to 135 hours. 

If you are interested, please get in contact with Oleg Kitov <>.

Closing date February 15 2021.