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Faculty of Economics


PhD Title

Tails of Foreign Exchange at Risk (FEaR)

Research Interests

Macro-Finance and Disaster Risk

Recent Publications

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Bippus, B., Lloyd, S., Ostry, D. Granular Banking Flows and Exchange-Rate Dynamics, (2023) CWPE2359
Ostry, D. A. Tails of Foreign Exchange-at-Risk (FEaR), (2023) CWPE2343
Ferreira, T. R. T., Ostry, D. A., Rogers, J. Firm Financial Conditions and the Transmission of Monetary Policy, (2023) CWPE2316

Research Activities

Winner of the Best Student Paper Award
Faculty of Economics PhD student, Daniel Ostry has won the Cambridge Finance Best Student Paper Award 2020-2021.
Published on - Monday 21st June 2021

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Disaster Risk, Asset Prices and the Macroeconomy with Corsetti, G., Lloyd, S. and Marin, E. (JHUX)


MPhil - F510 International Finance

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Daniel Ostry

PhD Student

Funded by: University of Cambridge, Faculty of Economics

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College: King's College