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Faculty of Economics


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The Hegemon's Dilemma : Intertemporal terms of trade manipulation and expenditure-switching.

Recent Publications

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Corsetti, G. and Marin, E. A. A Century of Arbitrage and Disaster Risk Pricing in the Foreign Exchange Market , (2020) CWPE2020
Lloyd, S. P. and Marin, E. A. Exchange Rate Risk and Business Cycles, (2019) CWPE1996

Chapter in Book

Corsetti, G., Lloyd, S. and Marin, E. Emerging Market Currency Risk Around ‘global disasters’: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis and the COVID-19 Crisis, (2020), in COVID-19 in Developing Economies. Edited by Simeon Djankov, Ugo Panizza - A CEPR Press eBook

Recent Activities

The Dollar and International Capital Flows in the COVID-19 Crisis
Professor Giancarlo Corsetti, and Emile Marin have published an article for VOXeu titled "The dollar and international capital flows in the COVID-19 crisis". This column shows that in crises, the dollar tends to appreciate – especially against emerging market currencies – and dollar liquidity becomes scarce.
Published on - Friday 3rd April 2020

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Marin, E., Inefficient Capital Flows and the Hegemon’s Dilemma (JHUK)


PHD21 - Computational Methods Classes
MPhil R201 Advanced Macro II Classes

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