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Faculty of Economics


PhD Title

Essays on the Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Structural Change, Growth & Inequality, Environment Economics


Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Cavalcanti, T., Hasna, Z. and Santos, C. Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Aggregate and Distributional Effects, (2021) CWPE2122
Amano-Patiño, N., Faraglia, E., Giannitsarou, C. and Hasna, Z. The Unequal Effects of Covid-19 on Economists' Research Productivity, (2020) CWPE2038

Working Papers

Cavalcanti, T., Hasna, Z. and Santos, C. Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Aggregate and Distributional Effects, (2020) CEPR Discussion Paper DP15419

Job Market Paper

Hasna, Z., The Grass is Actually Greener on the Other Side: Evidence on Green Multipliers from the United States

Recent Activities

Productivity survey for Project CAPER
The Faculty's Prof. Chryssi Giannitsarou has sent out a survey in Qualtrics Cambridge for her ongoing research project on Covid-19 and academic productivity in economics research. Please do respond if you receive an invite.
Published on - Wednesday 8th June 2022

Greenovate for a better environment and economy
Dr. Kamiar MohaddesZeina Hasna and Henry-James Hatton are co-authors of a report on the impact of innovation in green-related activities to the broader economy.
Published on - Thursday 4th November 2021

Academic Gender Gap Widens During Pandemic
In the first weeks of the pandemic, the submission of articles to journals by women, fell dramatically more than their male counterparts.
Published on - Wednesday 21st July 2021

Climate-Macroeconomics Mini Conference
Cambridge-INET, the Centre for Macroeconomics and the Cambridge Faculty of Economics are holding a Mini Conference on the "Climate-Macroeconomics". It will take place on Tuesday 4th May 2021, 3:00pm-6:15pm BST (UK) and will be held online. See the event page for more details.
Published on - Friday 16th April 2021

Has the Pandemic Changed Research Culture – and is it for the better?
Times Higher Education has quoted the research by Dr. Amano-Patiño, Dr. Faraglia, Dr. Giannitsarou and Zeina Hasna, into how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inequalities for women and junior academics.
Published on - Thursday 15th April 2021

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Distributional and Allocative Effects Cavalcanti, T.V.D (JHOV)
Climate Volatility, Weather Shocks and Economic Growth: Within-Country Evidence from Brazil Mohaddes, K., Cavalcanti, T. V. D. and Da Mata, D. (JHUD)

COVID-19 Economic Research

Special Feature: The Unequal Effects of COVID-19 on Economists' Research Productivity


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Part IIA/Diploma - Stata Classes
Part IIB - Macroeconomics

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Zeina Hasna

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