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MPhil in Economics - Modules from Development Studies

Modules from Development Studies

  • Paper1 : Development Economics

    This paper focuses on the goals and measurement of development; different approaches to development economics; the international economy, globalisation and developing countries; theories of the market and the state; theories of growth, structural change, and technical progress; agriculture and development; industrialisation and trade strategies; theories and practice of economic reform in developing and transition economies; employment, poverty and income distribution; environmental issues; population policy; and the development experiences of different regions.

  • Paper4 : Globalisation, Business and Development

    This course examines the possibilities for "catch-up" in developing countries at the level of the large firm. It analyzes the relationship between globalising large firms and the small and medium-sized enterprises that compose the rest of the global value chain. It combines theoretical and macro-level analysis witrh detailed empirical analysis of global change in a series of sectors: aerospace, pharmaceuticals, complex electrical equipment, autos and auto components, oil and petrochemicals, steel, mining, financial services, and IT. It makes extensive use of in-depth case studies from large Chinese firms, supplemented with case studies, where available, from other developing countries. Assessment is by two 5,000 word essays.