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Faculty of Economics

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Noël, P.

EU Gas Supply Security: Unfinished Business


Abstract: Four years after the gas supply crisis of January 2009, this paper looks at the market and policy changes that have changed the European gas situation, and their implications in terms of security of supply. Several positive developments are identified, including the byapssing of Ukraine by Gazprom-sponsored pipelines; the acceleration of import diversification in large markets of western Europe; the process of ‘commoditisation’ of natural gas in north-west Europe. The lack of meaningful progress in market integration between western and eastern-central Europe, however, leaves in place one of the main factors that made the 2009 crisis possible and conferred it its political significance. Overall, the European gas security situation has evolved in a positive direction mainly because of external forces, not EU policies.

Keywords: Natural Gas, European Union, Public Policy, Security of Supply

JEL Codes: O13 P28 Q48


EPRG Paper Link: 1308

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