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Faculty of Economics

Title Authors Journal Year
Robust k-means Clustering for Distributions with Two MomentsKlochkov, Y., Kroshnin, A. and Zhivotovskiy, N.Annals of Statistics, forthcoming[2020]
Uniform Hanson-Wright Type Concentration Inequalities for Unbounded Entries via the Entropy MethodKlochkov, Y. and Zhivotovskiy, N.Electronic Journal of Probability[2020]
Targeting Interventions in NetworksGaleotti, A., Golub, B. and Goyal, S.Econometrica[2020]
A Portmanteau Test for Serial Correlation in Short PanelsJochmans, K.Econometric Theory, forthcoming[2020]
Heuristic Methods for Updating Small World Representations in Strategic Situations of Knightian UncertaintyFeduzi, A., Faulkner, P., Runde, J., Cabantous, L. and Loch, CAcademy of Management Review, forthcoming[2020]
The Heterogeneous Effects of COVID-19 on Labor Market Flows: Evidence from Administrative DataCasarico, A. and Lattanzio, S.Covid Economics[2020]
Testing for Correlation in Error‐Component ModelsJochmans, K. Journal of Applied Econometrics[2020]
Heteroskedasticity-Robust Inference in Linear Regression Models with many CovariatesJochmans, K. Journal of the American Statistical Association[2020]
Beyond Competitive Devaluations: The Monetary Dimensions of Comparative AdvantageBergin, P. R. and Corsetti, G.American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics[2020]
Communication Networks in MarketsGallo, E.European Economic Review[2020]
América Latina en su “Momento Gramsciano”. Las limitaciones de una salida tipo “nueva socialdemocracia europea” a este impassePalma, J. G.El Trimestre Económico[2020]
Co-integration and Control: Assessing the Impact of Events Using Time Series DataHarvey, A. C. and Thiele, S.Journal of Applied Econometrics[2020]
Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: Evidence from Real Time SurveysAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.Journal of Public Economics[2020]
A Markov Chain Measure of Systemic Banking Crisis FrequencyTambakis, D.Applied Economics Letters[2020]
Integration and DiversityGoyal, S., Hernández, P., Martínez-Cánovasz, G., Moisan, F., Muñoz-Herrera, M. and Sánchez, A.Experimental Economics[2020]
Parental Beliefs About Returns to Child Health InvestmentsBiroli, P., Boneva, T., Raja, A. and Rauh, C.Journal of Econometrics[2020]
The Social Dynamics of Collective Action: Evidence from the Diffusion of the Swing RiotsAidt, T. S., Leon, G. and Max SatchellThe Journal of Politics, accepted[2020]
(Mis)Allocation Effects of an Overpaid Public SectorCavalcanti, T. and Santos, M.Journal of the European Economic Association[2020]
Changing the Narrative: Economics After Covid-19Alves, C. and Kvangraven, I. H.Review of Agrarian Studies[2020]
Review of Forging the Franchise: The Political Origins of the Women's VoteAidt, T. S.Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming[2020]
Time Series Models Based on Growth Curves with Applications to Forecasting CoronavirusHarvey, A. C. and Kattuman, P.Harvard Data Science Review [2020]
Liquidity and Consumption: Evidence from Three Post-earthquake Reconstruction Programs in ItalyAcconcia, A., Corsetti, G. and Simonelli, S.American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics[2020]
A Coupled Component DCS GARCH Model for Intraday and Overnight VolatilityLinton, O. and Wu, J.Journal of Econometrics[2020]
Official Sector Lending Strategies During the Euro Area CrisisCorsetti, G., Erce, A. and Uy, T.The Review of International Organizations[2020]
Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive UseCavalcanti, T., Kocharkov, G. and Santos, C.The Economic Journal[2020]
¿Por Qué Tan Hostil? Quebrando Mitos Sobre la Economía HeterodoxaKvangraven, I. and Alves, C.Ensayos de Economía[2020]
The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting under Trade Agreement RenegotiationCrowley, M. A., Exton, O. and Han, L.AEA Papers and Proceedings[2020]
Social Distancing and Supply Disruptions in a PandemicBodenstein, M., Corsetti G. and Guerrieri, L.Covid Economics: Vetted and Real-Time Papers[2020]
Commitment and (in) Efficiency: A Bargaining ExperimentAgranov, M. and Elliott, M.Journal of the European Economic Association[2020]
Who takes bribes and how much? Evidence from the China Corruption Conviction DatabankAidt, T. S., Hillman, A. and Liu, Q.World Development[2020]
Dependent Microstructure Noise and Integrated Volatility: Estimation from High-Frequency DataLi, Z. M., Laeven, R. J. A. and Vellekoop, M. H.Journal of Econometrics[2020]
xtserialpm: A Portmanteau Test for Serial Correlation in a Linear Panel ModelJochmans, K. and Verardi, V.Stata Journal[2020]
Social Interactions, Ethnicity, Religion and Fertility in KenyaIyer, S. and Weeks, M.Journal of Demographic Economics[2020]
Culture and Colonial Legacy: Evidence from Public Goods GamesChaudhary, L., Rubin, J., Iyer, S. and Shrivastava, A.Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization[2020]
Which Early Withdrawal Penalty Attracts the Most Deposits to a Commitment Savings Account?Beshears, J., Choi, J. J., Harris, C., Laibson, D., Madri, B. C. and Sakong, J.Journal of Public Economics[2020]
Limited Cognitive Ability and Selective Information ProcessingLeung, B. T. K.Games and Economic Behavior[2020]
Asymmetric oil prices and trade imbalances: Does the source of the oil shock matter?Jibril, H., Chaudhuri, K., and Mohaddes, K.Energy Policy[2020]
Multiscale clustering of nonparametric regression curvesVogt, M., Linton, O.Journal of Econometrics[2020]
Industrial policy in the 21st CenturyChang, H.-J., Andreoni, A.Development and Change[2020]
A Dynamic Model of Personality, Schooling, and Occupational ChoiceTodd, P. E. and Zhang, W.Quantitative Economics[2020]
The Meaningful Votes: Voting on Brexit in the British House of CommonsAidt, T., Grey, F. and Savu, A.Public Choice[2020]
Modeling time series when some observations are zeroHarvey, A. C. and Ito, R. Journal of Econometrics[2020]
The Euro Crisis in the Mirror of the EMS: How Tying Odysseus to the Mast Avoided the Sirens but Led Him to CharybdisCorsetti, G., Eichengreen, B., Hale, G. and Tallman, E.Open Economies Review[2020]
twexp and twgravity: Fitting Exponential Regression Models with Two-way Fixed EffectsJochmans, K. and Verardi, V.Stata Journal[2020]
Vote Buying or (Political) Business (Cycles) as Usual?Aidt, T. S., Asatryan, Z., Badalyan, L. and Heinemann, F.Review of Economics and Statistics[2020]
State Capacity, Redistributive Compensation and the Political Economy of Economic Policy ReformJain, S. and Majumdar, S.International Review of Economics & Finance[2020]

Papers and Publications

Recent Publications

Fruehwirth, J., Iyer, S. and Zhang, A. Religion and Depression in Adolescence Journal of Political Economy [2019]

Jochmans, K. and Weidner, M. Fixed-Effect Regressions on Network Data Econometrica [2019]

Aidt, T. S., Asatryan, Z., Badalyan, L. and Heinemann, F. Vote Buying or (Political) Business (Cycles) as Usual? Review of Economics and Statistics [2020]

Li, Z. M., Laeven, R. J. A. and Vellekoop, M. H. Dependent Microstructure Noise and Integrated Volatility: Estimation from High-Frequency Data Journal of Econometrics [2020]