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Faculty of Economics

Seminars This Term

Due to COVID-19 this years Seminars will be taking place in person and online

For more information or to attend online please contact

18 Jan

Tatiana Komarova (University of Manchester)

"Structuring Subcontracting in Procurement Markets" joint with J.Balat and E.Krasnokutskaya
Wednesday 18th January 2023 2:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Econometrics)

25 Jan

James Duffy (University of Oxford)

"Unit Roots and Cointegration at the Zero Lower Bound"
Wednesday 25th January 2023 2:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Econometrics)

01 Feb

Andrew Harvey (Cambridge)

"Time Series Models for Growth curves with Applications to Forecasting Coronavirus"
Wednesday 1st February 2023 1:30pm
Hybrid Meade (Econometrics)

15 Feb

Xinghao Qiao (LSE)

"On the modelling and prediction of high-dimensional functional time series"
Wednesday 15th February 2023 2:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Econometrics)

22 Feb

Siem Jan Koopman (VU Amsterdam)

"Panel models with stochastic trends: theory and applications"
Wednesday 22nd February 2023 2:00pm
Hybrod Meade (Econometrics)

01 Mar

Vanessa Berenguer-Rico (University of Oxford)

"Least Trimmed Squares Asymptotics. Regression with leverage"
Wednesday 1st March 2023 2:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Econometrics)

15 Mar

Andrei Zeleneev (UCL)

"Robust Estimation and Inference in Panels with Interactive Fixed Effects" joint with Timothy B. Armstrong and Martin Weidner
Wednesday 15th March 2023 2:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Econometrics)