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Faculty of Economics

Elisa Faraglia

“ Economics gives me the tools to look at events through a different pair of eyes. "

Elisa Faraglia is an Italian macroeconomist who joined the Faculty of Economics in Cambridge in September 2010. She has a BA in Economics from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and a PhD in Economics from New York University (NY, US).

During her career she has been interested in labour economics and monetary policy, however she has worked for most of her career on debt management and fiscal policy topics. She is now working on macroeconomic effects of individual portfolio choices and international correlation of stock market returns.

She has published her work in some top field and leading world journals. She has presented her work extensively in international universities as well as in central banks, debt management offices and international conferences.

Why economics?

Elisa started getting interested in economics during her high school studies. In particular she got inspired by the background economic forces that have shaped some of the most important European and Italian historical events. For this reason, she chose to pursue her interests and enrolled in an undergraduate program in economics in Italy. During the first years of her study she got passionate about the rigor of economic modelling and data analysis so much that she chose to continue her studies and pursue a PhD in economics in the US.


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