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Faculty of Economics

Lidia Smitkova

“ Data (sometimes): look at me, isn’t there a pattern, don’t you want to know what it is? "

Lidia Smitkova holds Bachelors and Masters in Economics, and is now doing a PhD in Economics (specializing in trade and international macroeconomics). Lidia has not worked full time in between the degrees, but she had a chance to intern in both economic consulting and policy institutions (IMF, ECB) alongside studying/research.

Why economics?

“ I've chosen to do Economics as I wanted to understand how the society works -- how out of the chaos of individual actions comes out some sort of order. Another thing I found appealing about economics is its reliance on modelling and data to formulate and test theories. The problems Economics addresses are ubiquitous and, to the day, far from being resolved. Realizing this has made Economics become more and more interesting to me over the years. ”


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