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Faculty of Economics

Mar Domenesh

“ Economics contributes to social development "

Mar Domenesh studied a double degree of Economics and Law at the Pompeu Fabra University, after which I pursued a Master’s degree at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (International Trade, Finance and Development). After that, the experience of working for a year as a Research Assistant helped me confirm that I wanted to pursue a career in research, which inspired me to undertake a PhD in Economics.

Why economics?

“I am interested in the areas of International Macroeconomics and Fiscal Policy. I decided to study economics because I was intrigued about the of understanding of economic relationships and trends and the reasoning around economic problems. I found appealing that accurately quantifying the effects of different policies or shocks helps evaluate the effectiveness of such policies. Providing a better understanding of these mechanisms allows a better decision-making for policy-makers: what makes me feel more passionate about economics is the effort it puts to solve the difficulties of constantly changing societies and the fact that it contributes to social development. ”


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