Faculty of Economics

Paper Outlines

The paper outlines, which are drawn up by the course co-ordinators for the different papers, are deliberately brief. They are intended to provide an overview of the structure of lecturing for that paper, and a short reading list. Since all of the papers involve several lecture courses, lecturers for each paper will provide course outlines for their particular course of lectures. The course outlines will be considerably more detailed than the paper outlines, since they are intended to assist supervisors and undergraduates in the choice of topics and reading for supervisions.

One of the main purposes of this brochure of paper outlines is to assist Directors of Studies and undergraduates in choosing between the various options available in Part IIA and Part IIB of the Tripos. The Faculty cannot, however, guarantee that all of the optional papers outlined here will be offered in each year.

Part I

Paper 1 Microeconomics
Paper 2 Macroeconomics
Paper 3 Quantitative Methods in Economics
Paper 4 Political and Sociological Aspects of Economics
Paper 5 British Economic History

Part IIA

Paper 1 Microeconomics
Paper 2 Macroeconomics
Paper 3 Theory and Practice of Econometrics I
Paper 4 International Trade and Development
Paper 5a Analysis of Modern Politics
Paper 5b Modern Societies
Paper 5c International Relations
Paper 6 Mathematics for Economists and Statisticians
Paper 7 Labour
Paper 8 History and Philosophy of Economics

Part IIB

Paper 1 Microeconomic Principles and Problems
Paper 2 Macroeconomic Principles and Problems
Paper 4 Economic Theory and Analysis
Paper 5 Political Economics
Paper 6 Banking and Finance
Paper 7 Public Economics
Paper 8 The Economics of Developing Countries
Paper 9 Industry
Paper 10 Theory and Practice of Econometrics II
Paper 14 World Depression in the Inter-War Years
16 Modern Britain
17a European History
17b The Political Economy of Capitalism
17c The Family