University of Cambridge

Faculty of Economics

Forthcoming Seminars

`An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic` Cezar SantosTue 29 Apr at 1.30pm Macroeconomics
`Additonal Condition Moment Constraints Tests` Richard SmithWed 30 Apr at 5pm Econometrics
`Gossip and Identifying Central Individuals in a Social Network` Matthew Jackson (Cambridge-INET Visitor)Wed 30 Apr at 4.00pm Microeconomics

Recent Publications

  • Smith, R. J. and Ramalho, E. J. `Discrete choice nonresponse` ; Review of Economic Studies
  • Smith, R. J., Hahn, J. and Newey, W. K. `Neglected heterogeneity in moment condition models` ; Journal of Econometrics
  • Corsetti, G., Kuester, K., Meier, A., and Müller, G. J. `Sovereign Risk, Fiscal Policy, and Macroeconomic Stability` ; Economic Journal
  • Crowley, M. A. and  Bown, C. P. `Import protection, business cycles, and exchange rates: evidence from the great recession` ; Journal of International Economics
  • Corsetti, G., Kuester, K., Meier, A. and Muller, G.J. `Sovereign risk and belief-driven fluctuations in the euro area` ; Journal of Monetary Economics