University of Cambridge

Faculty of Economics

Forthcoming Seminars

`The Transmission of Monetary Policy Operations` Silvana TenreyroTue 28 Oct at 4pm Macroeconomics
`The Ratchet Effect Implies no Learning: Dynamic Contracting without Commitment` Dino GerardiWed 29 Oct at 4pm Microeconomics
`Forecasting with Model Uncertainty: Representations and Risk Reduction (joint with Jonathan Wright)` Kei HiranoWed 29 Oct at 5pm Econometrics

Recent Publications

  • Ritz, R.A. `A new version of Edgeworth's taxation paradox` ; Oxford Economic Papers
  • Antunes, A., Cavalcanti, T., Villamil, A. `The effects of credit subsidies on development` ; Economic Theory
  • Aidt, T. S. and Mooney, G. `Voting suffrage and the political budget cycle: evidence from the London Metropolitan Boroughs 1902-1937` ; Journal of Public Economics
  • Corsetti, G., Kuester, K., Meier, A. and Muller, G.J. `Sovereign risk and belief-driven fluctuations in the euro area` ; Journal of Monetary Economics
  • Rendahl, P. `Inequality constraints and Euler equation based solution methods` ; Economic Journal