University of Cambridge

Faculty of Economics

Forthcoming Seminars

`Nonparametric Identification In Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations Models: The Case Of Covariance:
 : Restrictions` Ivana Komunjer
Wed 10 Feb Econometrics
`Nonparametric change-point analysis of volatility` Markus BibingerWed 17 Feb Econometrics
`Providing services to boost goods exports` Mathieu ParentiThu 18 Feb Empirical Microeconomics

Recent Publications

  • Aidt, T.S. and Franck, R. `Democratization under the threat of revolution: evidence from the Great Reform Act of 1832` (2015) Econometrica
  • Munshi, K. and Rosenzweig, M. `Networks and misallocation: insurance, migration, and the rural-urban wage gap` (2016) American Economic Review
  • Buhai, I.S., Portela, M.A., Teulings, C.N., van Vuuren, A. `Returns to tenure or seniority?` (2014) Econometrica
  • Greve, T., Pollitt, M. `Determining the optimal length of regulatory guarantee: a length-of-contract auction` (2016) Economic Journal