University of Cambridge

Faculty of Economics

Forthcoming Seminars

`Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Brazil` Paula Bustos [CANCELLED]Mon 2 Feb Special
`Estimating the Quadratic Variation Spectrum og Noisy Asset Prices using Generalized Flat-top
 : Realized Kernels` Rasmus Varneskov
Wed 4 Feb Econometrics
`The Market for Used Capital: Endogenous Irreversibility and Reallocation over the Business Cycle` Andrea LanteriFri 6 Feb Special

Recent Publications

  • Crowley, M. A. and  Bown, C. P. `Self-enforcing trade agreements: evidence from time-varying trade policy` (2013) American Economic Review
  • Carvalho, V. and Gabaix, X. `The great diversification and its undoing` (2013) American Economic Review
  • Acconcia, A., Corsetti, G. and Simonelli, S. `Mafia and public spending: evidence on the fiscal multiplier from a quasi-experiment` (2014) American Economic Review
  • Corsetti, G., Dedola, L., and Leduc, S. `The international dimension of productivity and demand shocks in the US economy` (2014) Journal of the European Economic Association