University of Cambridge

Faculty of Economics

Forthcoming Seminars

`Estimation and Inference with a (Nearly) Singular Jacobian` Adam McCloskeyWed 28 Sep Econometrics
`Macro Mini Conference` 1.Mike Elsby,2.Kurt Mitman,3.Fabien Postel-VinayWed 5 Oct Macroeconomics
`TBC` Eric FrenchThu 6 Oct Empirical Microeconomics

Recent Publications

  • Elliot, M., Golub, B. and Jacckson, M.O. `Financial networks and contagion` (2014) American Economic Review
  • Acconcia, A., Corsetti, G. and Simonelli, S. `Mafia and public spending: evidence on the fiscal multiplier from a quasi-experiment` (2014) American Economic Review
  • Buhai, I.S., Portela, M.A., Teulings, C.N., van Vuuren, A. `Returns to tenure or seniority?` (2014) Econometrica
  • Gautier, P.A. and Teulings, C.N. `Sorting out the output loss due to search frictions` (2015) Journal of the European Economic Association