University of Cambridge

Faculty of Economics

Forthcoming Seminars

`Firm-to-Firm Trade: Imports, Exports, and the Labor Market` Jon Eaton (Cambridge-INET Visitor)Thu 23 Oct at 3.30pm Empirical Microeconomics
`The Transmission of Monetary Policy Operations` Silvana TenreyroTue 28 Oct at 4pm Macroeconomics
`The Ratchet Effect Implies no Learning: Dynamic Contracting without Commitment` Dino GerardiWed 29 Oct at 4pm Microeconomics

Recent Publications

  • Goyal, S., Kearns, M. `Competitive contagion in networks` ; Games and Economic Behavior
  • Krishnan, P. and Patnam, M. `Neighbours and extension agents in Ethiopia: who matters more for technology adoption` ; American Journal of Agricultural Economics
  • Buhai, I.S., Portela, M.A., Teulings, C.N., van Vuuren, A. `Returns to tenure or seniority?` ; Econometrica
  • Ductor, L., Fafchamps, M., Goyal, S. Van Der Leij, M. `Social networks and research output` ; The Review of Economics and Statistics
  • Fruehwirth, J. C. `Can achievement peer effect estimates inform policy? A view from inside the black box` ; The Review of Economics and Statistics